The Conscious Break-Up

Conscious Break-Up Coaching supports both men and women at any stage of their divorce or break-up journey. It is a powerful way to create emotional stability, break old relationship patterns and to healing your heart during this time of deep transition.

 Five Steps to a Conscious Break-Up/ Divorce

Step 1 – Change Your Break-Up Story

Understanding your thoughts and feelings and the emotional impact of your divorce or break-up helps you to gain clarity and a sense of emotional balance and freedom at a time of complete overwhelm. The very nature of a break-up creates conflict, uncertainty, stress and feelings of being out of control of one’s life and future. The Conscious Break-Up provides you with techniques and strategies to “unpack” the negative emotions which keep you stuck in the pain of your break-up.

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Step 2 – Acceptance and Responsibility

Finding a place of acceptance of “what is” and choosing to take responsibility for your emotional well-being and your future, puts you back in your power centre.  When you take 100% responsibility for yourself, you stop being the victim of your circumstances and it enables you to access your personal power and your ability to move forward. Together we will “unlock” the hidden aspects of your break-up and your relationship patterns with your partners and previous relationships.  This is essential to your healing and to creating future loving relationships.


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Step 3 – Letting Go and Forgiveness

Choosing to forgive the other person is a very selfish thing to do and it’s good for you!!  This step is about healing your pain and claiming your freedom.  All relationships provide an opportunity for optimal learning, by choosing to let go and forgive yourself and your partner you discover the deeper meaning behind your break up and the true spiritual aspect of your divorce.  This is an essential part of setting healthy boundaries and negotiating through the roller coaster of emotions in your divorce proceedings.


Step 4 – Loving Yourself

The greatest love of all is the source of divine love that resides in each and every one of us. When we learn to fill ourselves up with love internally, we let go of the need to seek love and approval from others. In divorce, it is natural to shut down our heart to protect ourselves from pain, this is the antithesis to what is required to heal. I teach you powerful tools and resources to re-connect to your natural wellbeing and source of love. Warning; you will be seriously in love with yourself with these tools.

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Step 5 – Finding Your Silver Lining

Who are you now? Every cloud has a silver lining, and when you are able to see the blessing and gift in your divorce, you are truly healed. By embracing the gifts of your experience, we will refocus and move forward with a vision for your new life. Here I share with you the tools for creating anything from a job, home, relationship and more.

Can I do this if I am separated or still married?

People come to this program at various stages of their relationship, some people are separated, in the process of divorce or have been divorced for some years.  If you are still married and considering divorce, then The Conscious Break-Up process is ideal for making that decision. Maxine’s packages are tailor made to exactly where you are in your divorce journey. All the tools you learn will help you shift the pain and fear of where you are now and enable you to make powerful choices that are true to your heart.

Can we do this as a couple?

Maxine works with couples, please use the contact form to arrange a confidential consultation.

How does the coaching work?

Maxine’s coaching is tailored to suit you and your needs, whether this is a one off session to gain clarity and balance, or on-going coaching. Maxine is available for face to face coaching, coaching over Skype and telephone.  Maxine also provides specialised individual, group retreats and workshops.

Transformational Relationship & Divorce Coach. Founder of The Divorce Detox & Get Divorce Fit. Mum of two gorgeous souls, lover of art, writing, yoga & life

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