How To Use Divorce To Deepen Into A Greater Love (within yourself)

How To Use Divorce To Deepen Into A Greater Love (within yourself)

Is it possible to use your heartache to access a deeper love within you?

I was super excited to be invited to join radio show host Louise Armstrong of Coach on Fire Radio Network to talk about how we can use divorce or break-ups as an opportunity to access a deeper love within ourselves.

In this conversation we’re talking about how to use the body and breath to access your feelings and to create transformation after a break up.Emotions are experienced in the body and when we are disconnected from our sense of self, unaware and ignoring our emotions then it is easy for us to become stuck in patterns.In divorce emotions are intense, so we tend to block them, true empowerment comes from being able to be present, acknowledge and transform the emotion.

Listen to “How to use divorce or break-up to deepen into a greater love!” on Spreaker.[tcb-script async=”” src=””][/tcb-script]

Please don’t suffer in silence… Reach out.. If you’re challenged by your current relationship situation, whether you are going through a divorce or separation or if you are in that stage of relationship where you don’t know if you Should Stay Or Go, then I would love to help you.

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