Stop Negotiating Your Divorce With Your Prostitute Archetype -

Is Your Prostitute Archetype Negotiating Your Divorce?

Relationship problems are energy problems.
Imagine if we were taught that at home and at school.

Imagine, if we were taught, that we're 100% responsible for the way we feel and we're not responsible for how others feel?

Imagine if we were taught, if we have a problem in a relationship then it's an energetic problem and if we do the work on our energy first we can change the problem?

How Empowered Would You Feel?

The energy that we show up with in a relationship impacts and shapes the relationship. The way you feel when you meet someone, when you engage in a conversation or you sit down with them, is going to shape the experience you have with that person.  

For example, if you're feeling agitated and angry and you meet with someone, that agitation and anger is going to shape the experience in that moment and possibly your whole evening,  it won't flow.  If you've had a day when you feel agitated and irritated and you've experienced lots of disharmony, whether it's shouting at the person who got your parking space, or bumping into people on the underground or pavement, or you've noticed litter around you and your irritated by it, thats the energy you're vibrating and emitting. So when you turn up for your date or meeting that energy arrives with you and will impact the experience. 

So, you arrive at your meeting, sit down and the person you sit with, who, if they've had a harmonious flowing day, will immediately feel the impact of your energy.  They will feel jarred by your energy and it may take them a bit of time to recover from the jarring,  depending on how good they are managing their energy. You're not responsible for their energy management, I am demonstrating how energy impacts and affects relationships.

Let's get back to Divorce and Your Prostitute Archetype...

The energy you're feeling on a day-to-day basis will affect and impact  what happens and the results you create.

There are eight archetypal energies that are at play (within you) in your relationships and therefore your divorce.  These archetypes impact and affect your ability to create happy healthy relationships or whether you create conflict, disharmony, unhappiness and fear. For some people there will be masses of Fear, because four of the archetypes are based in fear and four are based in power.

If you’re negotiating your divorce  and you’re in one of the four fear based archetypal energies then you're going to do yourself a disservice, you're not going to get the best settlement, and you will end up feeling like a victim.

If both you and your partner or your soon-to-be ex are negotiating from the four fear based positions then it’s going to be a long drawn out messy affair where you're going to spend more time paying lawyers fees and wasting your money, than on either of you getting a settlement where you both feel heard, empowered, valued and loved.

We don't talk about love in divorce because it's the thing that separates us and yet it is the one thing that can help couples to separate in an honouring and mutually satisfying way.

If your partner or soon-to-be ex isn't interested in working together to find an honouring mutually satisfying separation, then if you do your energetic work so that you’re relating and divorcing from the four archetypes of power then you will end up with a result that you'll be happy with and you'll feel harmonious even if your ex soon to be ex isn't behaving that way.

It's very likely that the energies you’re negotiating your divorce settlement from are the same energies that you were in for the majority of your marriage and that have led to the breakup of your marriage. So for instance if you were relating from the prostitute archetype in your marriage and now your divorce,  you’re coming from a place of not valuing yourself.

You don’t value your worth, the things you love. You don't value your voice or opinions and it's very likely throughout your relationship and maybe all the different relationships in your life, that you don’t speak up, you don’t say what’s on your mind because you’re afraid of the impact of you speaking out.  

You don’t own your true inherent value and worth and that is the energy of the Prostitute Archetype.

It’s because you're seeking value outside of yourself, so you will constantly give yourself away and you say things like, I can't afford the time to do that (as in something your heart would love to do).  I can't afford the space for that in my life. ‘I can't afford’ - whatever that may be because you don't feel worthy. 

For example, you might want to leave your corporate job, maybe you're the breadwinner or maybe you earn more than your husband. You’d love to be doing something different where you didn’t feel you were selling your soul, but you feel you can’t afford to stop doing what you're currently doing in your life in order to do something that would be an expression of your true purpose and so, what happens is you tell yourself that you can't afford to do it and you give in to the prostitute energy within you, the archetypal energy. You’re not a prostitute, but you're prostituting yourself in favour of what your heart would love and it's fundamentally because you're afraid to speak up and you're acting from fear rather than power.

The same energy that created the breakdown of your marriage will play out in your divorce.

It's because you have a spiritual lesson to learn.

What happens over a period of time in a marriage, is we tend to blame the other person for the circumstances we're in because we feel they’re responsible for our happiness. We dis-own our power and and we’re projecting outside of us . As a result, we end up being resentful to the person we love.  Yet in reality you're giving your power away to your own prostitute, because it's only you that says you're not valuable, worthy enough etc and your relationship breaks down because you’re unhappy. It’s very likely you stopped having sex and let's face it any relationship where there's no sex happening has got problems. It's got energy problems, sex is energy!

So what will happen in your divorce is you will be negotiating from a place of feeling “I'm not worthy, I’m undervalued”.  Yet you don't love your Self, your own heart and you negotiate from that place. Your negotiation will be weak and you'll start bargaining and bartering your value and your worth and you won't get the result you want!!! And this is only the prostitute energy, there are 3 other fear based energies that will be playing along to some degree!

If you want a different result, you have to SHIFT your Power to the Archetype of the LOVER.

You have to make a STAND for what you love in your life.

What happens with most women going through divorce, it happens with men too, however I mainly coach women, is they say,  “When I get my divorce settlement I'm going to do this..." 

“When I get my divorce settlement I'm going to go and pursue the job I want.."

“When I get my divorce settlement I'm going to go start my business..."

"When I get my divorce settlement, I'll have better boundaries..."

What happens is, you're giving all the power to the divorce settlement as opposed to recognising that you have to make a stand for what you desire right now in your life. 

That is the only way you will get what you truly deserve because you will be activating and living from your own Lover energy,  the lover archetypal energy will be dead in you if you’re waiting until the divorce settlement to start living your life and creating what you love. 

I’ve seen it happen, where people get the divorce settlement and it’s a good one, but they feel upset and resentful and angry because it doesn’t honour their value, and that’s simply because they negotiated the whole time from their prostitute archetype, they don’t feel like a winner because they’re coming from a place of disempowerment and fear.

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With love

Maxine xxx

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