Co-Creating The Divorce You Want In A Loving Way -

Co-Creating The Divorce You Want In A Loving Way

Thriving After Divorce Radio Podcast With Tanya-Marie Dube.

I was so excited to be invited by my friend Tanya-Marie Dube to be interviewed on her podcast Thriving After Divorce, as it is an absolutely awesome show for supporting men and women who are going through divorce or are already divorced and still on their healing journey.  I wish it had been around when I was going through mine !

On the show you will find experts from all around the world who coach you on overcoming pain and adversity. Let's face it, divorce challenges every aspect of our being! I know for me it has helped me to see that love for myself and others needs to be unconditional and that I am more empowered when I honour my needs. 

What's In This Episode?

In this episode Tanya and I chat about how the energy of love can impact and influence the outcome of your divorce.  Love is the thing we most often shut off from in the divorce process, because we're in pain.  Our partner has physically and emotionally left the relationship and we believe love has gone and we close down our hearts. In divorce it's easy to feel that love is external and that we're unworthy of love.

Divorce and separation will trigger our false beliefs about love and our core wounds. We don't talk about love in divorce because it's the thing that separates us and yet it is the one thing that can help couples to separate in an honouring and mutually satisfying way.

There is power to be found in setting an intention to love yourself and being in the vibration of love whilst going though divorce. When you choose to show up as your best self, it facilitates growth and helps you to take responsibility for your part in the break up. That in turn leads to emotional freedom.

I truly hope you enjoy this podcast as much as we enjoyed creating it.

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