The Benefits Of An Emotional Power Practice -

The Benefits Of An Emotional Power Practice

Emotional confidence and power is the foundation of healthy self-esteem and Happy Healthy Love.

When you don't have emotional power or confidence, it's very likely you spend a lot of time doubting yourself and procrastinating about  decisions. You might find you're in reaction mode, avoiding conflict, afraid to stand up for yourself and unable to express your true feelings as you're worried about the consequences. 

Emotional power comes from choosing to be 100% responsible for your life, your feelings and what you create. Understanding and accepting that life doesn't happen to you, but moves through you. Each and every one of us has creative energy within us and it's up to us how we use it.  When we don't take responsibility for how we feel and what we're creating we often feel like VICTIMs, at the mercy of our circumstances... you know that "why me" mentality.

Victims feel Powerless.

If you want to be free to live the life of your dreams, to have the love you want, to build a career you love, and have fulfilling relationships then its imperative that you learn to access your personal power. The good news is everyone can.

It's time to stop:-

* Giving your power away
* Blaming others
* Over promising, over committing, being overly responsible for other people's feelings.
* Beating yourself up when you make mistakes
* Trying to prove your value or worth
* Ignoring your feeling and needs
* Saying "yes" when you want to say NO!

It's time to learn to:-

* Say "Yes" to things that light you up!
* Cultivate the ability to be aware of your own feelings and separate them from your thoughts
* Learn to distinguish your needs
* Recognise and stand for your true values and not what you think you "should" do
* Set clear boundaries, particularly regarding "burdensome" requests
* Expand your capacity to validate yourself as precious and valuable

When you learn to witness, acknowledge and be with your feelings, you access a new way of relating to your personal power. You realise your emotions are there to guide you and rather than suppressing them, you learn to be with them and transform them.  This is the gateway to freedom.

The first thing I teach anyone who comes to work with me is how to access their personal power and develop a strong emotional core. Click here to sign up for the free download.

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