How To Boost My Year With Autumn Cheer

How To Boost My Year With Autumn Cheer

This most definitely has been my worst August in a long time, not only did I have to cancel my summer holiday, even more devastatingly I had that 4am phone call that every parent dreads…

My son had been admitted to A&E after jumping off a wall and not realising it had a 15ft drop!!!

I rushed with my ex-husband and daughter to the hospital, whilst driving I was silently praying to God to keep him safe, and let him live.

I wasn’t sure if I was being over dramatic, but with the very limited information given to us, I was afraid he was going to be in a coma, have brain damage or be paralysed in some way.

Needless to say, when we arrived at the hospital I panicked that they wouldn’t let us in, but fortunately they did…

To cut a long story short, considering the situation, it was a miracle that he had no life threatening injuries and despite needing an operation and some fractures, he would mend. Of which I am glad to say a month later, he is almost fully recovered.

Shock & trauma is a funny thing though…

The 3 am phone call and the shock of seeing him so battered, bruised, and vulnerable sent my body into a trauma response. I was in survival mode for at least two weeks afterward.I managed to maintain my meditation, and coherent breathing practices but my daily yoga and healthy eating went completely out of the window.

I drank far too much coffee and even though I know what my body needs to feel good, in the stress of everything, I opted for comfort and security and now my body feels exhausted and lacklustre.

WHICH DOESN”T SURPRISE ME… that’s my default setting. My ego always seeks security and as a double whammy when I’m faced with any type of trauma, shock, or uninvited change I tend to go into massive denial and IGNORE what my Soul knows is best for me.

Am I the only person that does this?NO… I bet you do too. We so often ignore the prompts that our highest self gives us!!

Well, it struck me as I’ve been walking my dog in the mornings that I need a mind/body REBOOT!!! and what better time than Autumn!

I’ve always loved Autumn, the leaves forming a blanket on the ground of red, orange and yellow. Clear blue skies, and long walks. So like the leaves, I thought it was the perfect time to let go of this stagnant energy and anything else that was not serving me.

Here’s My Journal Prompts to Reboot Energy & Focus

I took time to meditate and journal on these questions:
What do you most want to create in the next four months?
Who would you become if you had that creation in your life?
What are you currently doing that’s not serving you?
What do you need to let go of to be living your most radiant life?

Here’s what I came up with:
* What I want to create most is energy and vitality in my body
* To finish my book so I can share my love and wisdom around how to heal and have a conscious loving divorce
* I need to let go of coffee and sugar
So I’m going to pour my love and energy into:
* Getting back into my yoga practices, I’m doing a 40-day nabhi kriya

*I’m doing a 40-day mono-eating plan (your body needs less energy to digest food)
*I’m completing my book, with 3 hour writing sessions each day.

I thoroughly urge you to use the momentum of Autumn and the above questions to help you reboot your life with new autumn cheer, energy and focus.

With love

Maxine xx

Transformational Relationship & Divorce Coach. Founder of The Divorce Detox & Get Divorce Fit. Mum of two gorgeous souls, lover of art, writing, yoga & life

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