Harnessing Your Inner Power

Harnessing Your Inner Power

I absolutely love being on PODCASTs. If you have one and are looking for guests, then please do contact me, I’d love to chat with you to see how I can add value to your audience.

I was recently invited to the Heart’s Entwined Podcast hosted by Lyn Smith, where we were discussing the value in harnessing our internal source of creativity and energy, our highest power that guides us through our emotional journey, and how to use this incredibly empowering force to attract and create lasting love and happiness.

It was an absolute joy, I think Lyn and I could have chatted for ages, (we didn’t it’s only 30 mins).


  • The more we are connected to our inner source of power and radiance, the more peace and fulfillment we create for ourselves. We must grow from within, in order to gain mastery over our life.
  • Everybody’s life is built upon the story of why we are the way we are. Divorce is often seen as a sign of failure, but this is all a matter of perspective. To free ourselves from the pain of unhappiness actually demonstrates great strength.
  • Life will always provide opportunities to grow. Sometimes they look like adversity, barriers or challenges. But there are positives to take from every situation. Every moment is a learning opportunity that makes us better.
  • At the end of any relationship, we take away empowering lessons about not just love, but ourselves. This enhanced awareness allows us to make more informed decisions and choices next time.


‘All relationship experiences are an opportunity for growth’

‘Most of us are afraid of our own inner power’

‘It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us’

‘If you’re behaving like a doormat, then people will walk all over you’

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