Divorce Regrets

Divorce Regrets

Every person I’ve coached or speak with about divorce has some regret. It doesn’t seem to matter if you were the person who left or the person who was left behind. There is usually a deep sense of sadness about the way things have turned out.

This week, Lara Kilner interviewed me for Fabulous Magazine for a feature with two other ladies about Divorce Regrets.

I share my sadness and regret that our children didn’t get the childhood I had imagined they would have. In some way, we were fortunate in that when our children were little, we both worked from home and spent a lot of time together as a family. We would share pickups and drop-offs from school, and as we lived in South Africa at the time, and our home office was on the same level as our swimming pool, we were able to stop work and jump in the pool with the kids.

Life throws us curveballs, and it’s how we deal with them that matters the most.

Regrets in divorce and life can hold us back; we can feel stuck and experience feelings of self-doubt, competition, judgments, and jealousy, especially if a third party has been involved in your split.

In working with clients, I teach them how to be with their uncomfortable and complex emotions, to self-soothe, and use the energy of their feelings to create positive change. In turn, this supports them in embodying a sense of empowerment and positive self-regard.

Regret doesn’t have to be a negative emotion. It can be your fuel for change in a good and healthy way.

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