Good Divorce Week

Good Divorce Week

It’s Good Divorce Week in the UK, (29th Nov – 3rd Dec) where members of the Family Justice Organisation Resolution do their best to raise awareness of how families can separate amicably, particularly where chidlren are involved.

More children then ever before are being caught up in disputes after a family separation, and yet parents are finding it hard to access advice and support.

Research provided by Resolution

In order to address this, Resolution has launched a free new guide for parents who are separated or going through a separation, you can download a copy here.

As a parent it’s difficult to know whether you’re doing the right thing for yourself and your children, especially when you are dealing with difficult painful emotions. Do your best to work with a divorce professional to help you to navigate this challenging time in the best way possible. Often people wait til after divorce to get emotional help, when it’s more supportive to work with a coach or therapist as soon as possible.

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