Abandonment Wound – How It Shows Up

Abandonment Wound – How It Shows Up

Perhaps the biggest thing I’ve discovered about myself since starting my training as a psychotherapist in 1995, is that my disempowering thoughts, beliefs and behaviours stem from my abandonment wound.

On a very subtle level, I realise I felt unsafe or that when things were good (especially really really good), I was waiting for things to go wrong.

In reality, it showed up like this:-

* People pleasing to keep love
* Being too afraid to say no – in case they didn’t like me.
* Punishing partners by giving them the silent treatment
* Feeling threatened when someone I cared about shared negative feedback or criticised me.
* Avoiding difficult conversations
* Having co-dependent relationships (with lovers, friends & family)
* Rushing into a new relationship (for fear of being alone)
* Catastrophising minor events
* Not being able to ask for help, or pushing away love/support
* Feeling uncomfortable (and unsafe) in my body
and perhaps the biggest one of all, FEELING INSECURE & RIDDLED WITH SELF DOUBT

Looking at me now, and if you know me, you wouldn’t think I was ever like this! I had a client say to me the other day, “I want to be more like you.” That was a huge compliment… she’s joined the Empowered Woman membership.

Recently I’ve also had clients say to me…“Can you teach me what you do?” I share this because the answer to both questions is YES…

I do all of this in the Empowered Woman Membership

Since 1995, I have invested over £100k on training certifications, coaching programs, and personal development courses. I have accumulated over 10,000 hours of client experience. I have held workshops, led fire-walks, held space and sat with people in their darkest of moments. This morning I supported a client who was suicidal. I share this to let you know I have the capacity within me to hold you in your darkest moment and support your transformation and empowerment.

Take a look at my Empowered Woman Membership and discover how you can transform your abandonment wound.

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