Let’s talk —90-second forgiveness,  could that work?

Let’s talk —90-second forgiveness,  could that work?

If you’ve followed me for a while or been part of my community, then you will know I am all about healing, transformation and love.

I am always looking to grow and to find tools to empower myself and my clients.

One of the biggest issues I have faced and have witnessed in my clients over the years is the inability to let go of the stories we tell ourselves. We over-identify with the behaviour of others, especially when it causes us pain, grief and suffering.

When love hurts us we tend to blame ourselves…

And that makes sense. Because our Ego is designed to keep us safe, and so we turn things inwards. Thanks to our hard wiring we don’t want to be thrown out of the tribe, and so we turn inwards and say… “What’s wrong with me?  What did I do wrong?”

And, that keeps us stuck…

And so, let’s talk about forgiveness. Why, when we know because all the spiritual teachers and the books tell us, is it so hard to do?  Why is it difficult to forgive ourselves and others? What if you had a secret 90-second hack that could help you to move forward with compassion and ease? Would you use it?

Is it possible that the other person, the person who has wounded you, is already wounded?

If you step back, create space and dis-identify with your story, could you choose to see a 3-year-old child (in an adult’s body) in front of you, who has been hurt? Who has been wounded in love, and who has unconsciously adopted these strategies and ways of behaving to avoid their own pain? 

Is it possible this 3-year child in an adult’s body is wounded too, and is afraid and using all these strategies and behaviours in trying to protect themselves? 

We forgive to release ourselves from pain.

We forgive to release ourselves from suffering.

We forgive (with healthy boundaries) so we can move onward with love in our hearts.

It’s not your job, to change someone else’s story, your job is to remove all blocks to love within you. 

When you forgive, you are choosing love for yourself. You are opening up into the field of all possibility, you are remembering who you are.

The simple act of choosing to connect with the 3-year-old Soul of this person and dis-identifying with your limiting story will ease your suffering and set you free. all in 90 seconds.

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