I’m Maxine Clancy

Holistic Divorce Coach. Relationship Expert.

I have 20 years of experience helping women (and men)  move from being stuck and unhappy to reclaiming their lives and their joy. You might be going through a divorce, post-divorce or struggling with loneliness and not having the love you want. I teach my clients how to change their inner world, so their outer world changes,

I have been on a self-healing journey for the past 30 years. I didn’t realise it at the time, but I originally trained as a psychotherapist to heal emotional childhood trauma. I came from a deeply loving family; my parents have been married for 55 years. Yet, I had problems in my intimate relationships; I’ve been through two divorces, and my second one devastated me, it was painful beyond belief. And it was the best thing that ever happened to me, I found a freedom I have never had before. I discovered unconditional love for myself (and others). It is through my journey I founded The Divorce Detox Method for holistic divorce healing.

When I discovered my second husband was having an affair he walked out. Even though I was in deep emotional pain, I set an intention to show up as my best self (he wasn’t going to determine who I became). I decided to have a healthy amicable divorce (it was challenging). Through developing self-awareness, soothing my heartache,  journalling on my future self and making choices aligned with my truth, I turned my life around into something beautiful. (I’d love to help you do the same).

I currently split my time between SW London, where I live with my two gorgeous teens and the Hampshire countryside with my fiance. I love yoga, meditation, art, sailing, and spending as much time as possible being in nature.

  • I believe

    in holistic wellbeing

  • I love

    my life (and crystals)

  • I'm passionate

    About transformation

How I Work

I’m a combination of practical coaching skills, spiritual psychology, and neuroscience.

I help my client to identify and understand how their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are keeping them stuck, in pain, and affecting their ability to have and sustain loving relationships.

Essentially I teach my clients to heal childhood emotional trauma, which can sound like, ‘I’m not enough’ ‘No one will love me, “What’s wrong with me?’ I’m always on my own” “Why me?” “I can’t trust people/ men/women,” “Life’s not safe,” “I’m stuck,” and so on.

The process of identifying old patterns, developing emotional maturity and, making new choices allows you to have authentic relationships and deep connections.

I teach in-the-moment transformational breathing techniques to transform anxiety and stress, which in turn facilitates emotional freedom and heart-centered communication. I also use cutting-edge techniques from neuroscience & neuroplasticity so you can rewire your brain for love and happiness.

  • 1994-2002

    Transpersonal Psychotherapist

  • 2002-Present

    Relationship Coach

  • 2016- Present

    Divorce Detox Coach

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