Calling In The One Individual -

Perhaps you've been betrayed in love? 
Or maybe you're misreading signals, thinking someone's committed
to you when they’re not?

I've Been Divorced Twice & NOW

I'm In My Best Relationship Ever!

We get hurt, we feel alone and we wonder if it will always be this way?
It’s hard to imagine it will ever be different. Feeling like love is something we can’t control or that it's completely out of reach, often losing hope, feeling disappointed and powerless to change the situation.

In our hearts, we know it doesn’t have to be this way and yet we don't know how to change it?

Combining the Calling In The One Program (I'm a certified coach) with 
Spiritual Relationship Hacking, you will call in the perfect match.


Eight x 60 minute one to one coaching sessions via Zoom with Maxine
based on the Laws of Spiritual Relationship Hacking

All sessions recorded and available for download

Personalised  True Love Identity Program (mp3)
21 day hypnosis program tailored to you

Calling In the One Book & Workbook

I'm ready to let go of the past
and become magnetic to love