Calling In The One Individual -

Perhaps you've been betrayed in love? Or maybe you're misreading signals,
thinking someone's committed
to you when they’re not?

Are you ready for a miracle in your love life?

We get hurt, we feel alone and we wonder if it will always be this way? It’s hard to imagine it will ever be different. Feeling like love is something we can’t control or that it's completely out of reach, often losing hope, feeling disappointed and powerless to change the situation.

In our hearts, we know it doesn’t have to be this way and yet we don't know how to change it?

I'm ready to let go of the past
and become magnetic to love

7 Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life

Release your baggage, blocks and barriers to love and
consciously call in your soul partner.

In this 7 week program you will discover:

* Identify, release and transform the false beliefs that have been sabotaging your love life

* Awaken to the truth of your value and your worthiness to receive great love into your life;

*Anchor into a powerful vision of happy healthy love and begin showing up as a powerful co-creator of that future of love fulfilled in your life;

* Learn new skills and tools to help you create a great relationship with "The One" you call into your life; and

* Become wildly magnetic to the perfect partner for you

... and so much more.... life will change...transformation is real in this program

I never knew doing this program would give me my life back. I've stopped giving everything to everyone else, and now take the time for me. I'm dating again, for the first time in seven years and I am having so much fun."


If someone had told me I would fall in love with me, change my job to one I love and meet the man of my dreams, I would not have believed them. But that's what happened.  Maxine is a great coach, she's kind, insightful and she didn't put up with any of my rubbish!"



Intro session:  Introduction to core principles of Calling In the One

Week 1: Preparing for love - setting an intention for love fulfilled

Week 2: Completing the Past - clear away inner obstacles

Week 3: Healing core wounds​ - identify your True Love Identity & Release ceremony

Week 4: Setting your course - embody your vision for love

Week 5: First things first - awakening to self love

Week 6: A life worth living - cultivating happy healthy love

Week 7: Living Love Fulfilled​ - how to overcome setbacks, obstacles and delays

The course follows the New York Times Best Selling author Katherine Woodward Thomas's book Calling In the One , facililitated by CERTIFIED Calling In The One Coach, Maxine Clancy.

I'm ready to kiss the single life goodbye and
say hello to love

I am saying yes to having a transformation in my
love life and choosing to create happy healthy love

As a certified coach who has been personally trained and mentored by the author of this ground breaking work,  I will guide you step by step through this internationally acclaimed program to help you identify and release inner obstacles to love, evolve beyond the painful patterns of your past and become powerfully magnetic to the right partner for you.

Thank you for choosing me to be your coach in love!

Words of Praise for Calling In The One

"A wonderful book for all those seeking to bring a deep and magical love into their lives. Katherine Woodward Thomas has discovered a portal to love and beckons us all to follow her lead."

-  Marianne Williamson,
NY Times Best Selling Author of A Return to Love

"For those prepared to call a great love in to their lives,  this wise and caring guide is "The One" to read. Katherine's heartfelt understanding of the terrain of romantic love in the twenty-first century is both unique and inspiring, helping us all to move to the next level in our ability to give and receive love."

- The Late Debbie Ford, NY Times Best Selling Author
of The Dark Side of The Light Chasers

"Calling in the "One" helped me to define what I was looking for and to create a path to call in the love of my life. Now my fiancee and I are shopping for engagement rings! It works!"

- Debra T. Medical Doctor

"Calling in 'The One' has been nothing short of a miracle for me. The potential partners I now attract into my life are completely different than the people I dated before. They are kind considerate and looking for a long term partner.  I am deeply grateful for all that I have learned and tell all of my friends to do this program"

Sophia N.  Television Producer