Calling In The One Individual -

49 Days To Love Yourself More Than Ever Before

Perhaps you've been betrayed in love? 
Forever Single? Feeling unlucky in finding the one?

I've been divorced  twice & now I'm in my best relationship ever and recently engaged !

We get hurt, we feel alone and we wonder if it will always be this way?
It’s hard to imagine it will ever be different. Feeling like love is something we can’t find or is completely out of reach, often losing hope, feeling disappointed and powerless to change our situation.

In our hearts, we know it doesn’t have to be this way and yet we don't know how to change it?

Combining the Calling In The One coaching program (I'm a certified coach) with 
understanding spiritual relationship premises, you will call in the perfect match.

In this 7 week program you will discover:

* What's really blocking you from love and how to release it

* Stop looking outside for validation and discover the love within you

* Learn to be happy single... the key ingredient to becoming irresistible to men

* Create inner emotional confidence to feel worthy of love and attract men of quality

* Discover what happens when you see yourself as the source of your experience - and how a shift in thinking will radically change your ability to create the love story you truly deserve

*How to challenge old beliefs or unsupported assumptions you have about love, such as "there are no good men, I'm not good enough, men always cheat, no one will love me".

* Use the exact steps hundreds of thousands of women have used to create a deep experience of self-love, so you have confidence in yourself and in all areas of your life.

* Move beyond your old patterns in love, leaving you open and more magnetic than ever to create and sustain a happy healthy fulfilling relationship

... and so much more.... life will change...transformation is real in this program


Eight x 60 minute one to one coaching sessions via Zoom with Maxine
following the Calling In The One program

All sessions recorded and available for download

Personalised  True Love Identity Program (mp3) - 21 day hypnosis program tailored to you

Calling In The One Book

I'm ready to let go of the past and become magnetic to love

kate, london

I didn't expect to find love so quickly! I met my partner just after we finished the 7 week course.

He's so very different from my previous partner's  and I noticed that I am different too, none of the old dramas! The relationship did bring up issues for me around intimacy, so I had further coaching with Maxine to help me to transition from being a single mum to cohabiting with my partner and creating a new family unit. I'm so grateful for her loving support.

abigail, london

I met Maxine when she came to do a talk at my yoga studio on Calling in the One. I was struck by how intuitive she was and was keen to have her as my coach for understanding my patterns in my love relationships.

Every session gave me insights, and healing. She was challenging, yet loving and managed to get to the crux of the issue very quickly, so I was able to move forwards feeling more confident and happier in myself after each session. Working through Calling in the One with Maxine helped me to raise my vibration to feeling more positive and as a result I am working more (my income has increased) and I have higher self-esteem around men. I would definitely recommend Maxine as a Coach.

Sejal, London

"Completing the 7 week course was a profound life changing experience for me and I do not often make statements like that lightly! In the past two years I have attended truck loads of personal development courses, seminars, talks and though I did get a lot out of those, this course has had the most profound impact on me.

The book itself has potential life changing content but I would not have had completed the exercises or done it justice without Maxine's guidance and accountability.  She guided me though it all, held space for me and gave me insights on my blind spots that I was either not aware of or not willing to acknowledge.  She is kind, intuitive and has the gift to help you work through your thoughts/feelings and help you to get clarity.

The experience has had a huge impact on my emotional well being. It started me on a journey of re-discovering my authentic self and I'm loving every minute of it even through it has been far from a smooth sailing

I would whole heartedly recommend anyone looking for "healthy happy love" (as Maxine's calls it!) to take the opportunity to work with Maxine. This 7 week course will help you get in touch with what you really want and help you make you aware of/remove any barriers that you have build up against getting what you truly desire.

Vanessa, South Africa

Maxine’s coaching program Calling In The One, helped me to realise that relationships and dating can be fun, it can be easy and I can have a deep loving relationship with myself and others. I am having so much fun meeting new people!”