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One of the biggest mistakes people make is waiting until their divorce is finalised before seeking professional healing support. You don’t have to struggle on your own. Learning to be with and soothe difficult emotions is essential to moving on and getting over heartache.

Client Praise

  • "I tried everything, had months of counselling, anti-depressants and nothing worked until I met Maxine. Working with her I was able to process my feelings and make sense of what happened in my life. I have grown, forgiven the people who have hurt me and come to a new profound understanding of relationships, love and myself. Maxine is a real life angel and I would definitely recommend working with her."

    Julia, UK
  • "For over 10 years I was stuck from moving on from my divorce. The a-ha moments I had during the sessions and working through the Divorce Detox were life changing. In such a short space of time I feel so much lighter, grounded and I've actually started doing things I love again."

    Diane, UK
  • "I had been resentful for a long time (10 years), with coaching I finally saw that I too was to blame for my wife's affair. It gave me a new respect and empathy for my ex. A few months later, I actually met my new partner & fell in love."

    Richard, UK
  • "I've had coaching in the past, but I've never experienced such rapid growth as whilst doing the Divorce Detox."

    Janine, USA
  • I would recommend Maxine to anyone that has relationship issues. She is highly professional and so easy to open up to."

    Sukanthi, UK
  • Working with Maxine changed my life. She helped me to feel empowered and gain the strength to tell my husband after a long, unhappy marriage that I wanted him to move out, and that I want a divorce.

    Mandy, UK
  • It was a great experience working with Maxine, from day one she made me feel conformable and I felt I was able to open up to get the most out of our sessions. Maxine shared tools with me that I can use now and helped keep gain more confidence in myself. I felt very stuck when I first called Maxine and now I feel free and excited for my future. Highly recommend"

    Charlotte, UK
  • Maxine is amazing, I absolutely loved working with her. She has taught me so much about myself and how I value you myself. I am much more confident now.

    Pauline, UK