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Rise Up, Be Free, BE YOU is a 7-week online Transformational Training where Maxine guides you step by step back to your most empowered, authentic, radiant, and free self. Using a powerful transformational process of Inner Parenting, Breath-work and Emotional Transformational Shifting, we will rewrite the self-limiting story that is holding you back from love and living your most deliciously juicy radiant life.

We will break free of the beliefs and habits that no longer serve you, and re-align with your inner radiance and truth. We will re-establish your relationship with your true value and worth.

Deep self-love & compassion gives rise to emotional freedom
Emotional freedom gives rise to self-acceptance
Deep self-acceptance allows you to be your most radiant self.

This process will heal your life and give you the tools to live powerfully
as your most authentic radiant SELF.

Our Work Together

Throughout this programme, I will support you to re-establish the relationship you have with your true self.  So you begin to embody your worth, own your truth, love your yourself more, connect to your vulnerability and live fully aligned with your heart. 

Everything you have been searching for is within you right now, and this programme will support you in aligning with your innate gifts and wisdom.

Each week is focused on a specific area of your life where you may have become disempowered. Guided by my unique content, self-love practices, journaling, meditations, transformational healing and self-love practices, we will re-establish a solid inner foundation for you to live your life.

By the end of this programme you will be able to feel more self-aware, grounded, rooted in your body, free to be you, empowered, self-expressed and aligned with your radiance and energy.

Living your life with purpose and joy.

Week by Week

Week 1:  Detoxing the Ego
Develop self-awareness and learn the false stories, beliefs, and patterns that prevent you from having deeply connected relationships and healthy love.

Week 2: Self-responsibility & Emotional Freedom
Learn to listen and honour your feelings and needs to create emotional freedom. It is through self-responsibility that we embody emotional power and self-love.

Week 3: Compassionate Heart - Vulnerability & Acceptance
Learning to sit and be with our inner world empowers us to use obstacles in our life as an opportunity for growth. Acceptance, self-healing, and growth.

Week 4: Healthy Loving Boundaries - Your Zone of Inner Safety
This week we find our voice, gain clarity, trust in ourselves, and become self-empowered to set boundaries that create safety within and the ability to live authentically.

Week 5: Connect with your most RADIANT SELF
Re-connect with your true worth and value to create a life you love. Discover how to be magnetic and allow your natural qualities and radiance to shine through you into everything you do. 

Week 6: Deliciously Juicy Love & Life Re-Imagined
What are your hopes and dreams, what does love & life look like living from your authentic radiant Self?  What would you love to create, what possibilities are opening up for you and through you?

Week 7: Integration & Completion
In this session we integrate your learnings and transformation with a powerful completion ceremony. In addition, we create a powerful structure to support and nurture your embodiment your radiance.

How This Programme is Delivered

THURSDAY 5th Nov 2020

This online program runs for 7 consecutive weeks
All training content released every Thursday (pre-recorded video content) . 

Weekly Live Group Transformational Coaching sessions will be held with Maxine on Tuesdays 7PM (UK BST).
Private Facebook Group - daily support Monday to Friday
Live Introduction Session 5th November 2020
The program completes on 17th December 2020. 
All content is uploaded and stored in our Members Area.

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Weekly VIP coaching sessions
Weekly Live Group coaching sessions
Weekly Live Content Training sessions
Meditation Practices
Self Love Practices
Transformational Healing Practices

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Weekly LIVE Group coaching sessions
Weekly Live Content Training sessions
Meditation Practices
Self-Love Practices
Transformational Healing Practices

Feedback From Recent Course Attendees

Janine, USA

Oh my goodness I would have to say my life is moving in a completely new direction today. Most days I feel joy and bliss and a deep sense of gratitude to have myself and my life back. I am stronger and more empowered because of the tools that Maxine taught me. 

Claudine, London

Maxine is an amazing relationship coach who helped me to find myself again after a difficult and emotional divorce and I really can't recommend her highly enough. She is a lovely person who helped me to look at things differently and to move forward with life in a very positive way. 

Kate, London

The guidance Maxine gives in this programme is amazing. I felt held, supported and inspired. My life has completely changed. I'm more open and able to express myself to my family and at work. I definitely feel lighter as if a pressure has been lifted off me. 

Marcie, USA

I've had a lot of depression in my life and I would feel stuck. One of the best things I got from doing the work with Maxine is realising it's okay to not feel "good", I can actually be with these feelings, experience and observe what's going on and move through it.  I feel more in my body, grounded and awake than ever before.

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