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It’s important to work with the right coach and that’s why I offer a free 30 minute consultation. In the meantime, here’s some love from my clients.

  • My self esteem was at rock bottom when I contacted Maxine as I was going through a very difficult relationship breakdown. Maxine guides and supports from a place of love. She is clearly a very experienced coach. I thoroughly enjoyed my weekly sessions. She helped me to identify my inner blocks and triggers, observe patterns and validate my feelings and needs. She has equipped me with the tools to continue to grow. I have finally learned to love and appreciate myself!

    DianeWiltshire, UK
  • Working with Maxine changed my life. She helped me to feel empowered and gain the strength to tell my husband after a long, unhappy marriage that I wanted him to move out, and that I want a divorce.

  • After separating from my husband after 32 years of marriage I was absolutely broken and felt my life was over. Maxine has been an amazing coach and with her loving support has helped me begin my recovery and really believe that there is a new life for me. I am still a work in progress but I now have the tools and support to allow me to move forward.

  • "Maxine is truly a wonderful and very gifted coach with a beautiful heart and I am infinitely grateful for everything she taught me.I felt completely lost and without any willingness to move forward, but Maxine guided me to find my authentic self again after all those years. Maxim led me through a deep journey in a joyful, courteous and inspiring way. With her unique approach she helped me face my barriers, get back my self-confidence and to build a completely new vision of my life. I would certainly recommend her to anyone and would also like to thank for her generosity."

  • "My coaching sessions with Maxine were one of the best investments in life and love that I have ever made. Through her wisdom, Maxine helped me to have beautiful life-changing insights, and the tools needed to keep me on track in living up to my highest potential. I found it to be a safe, warm and supportive environment.

  • "I tried everything, had months of counselling, anti-depressants and nothing worked until I met Maxine. Working with her I was able to process my feelings and make sense of what happened in my life. I have grown, forgiven the people who have hurt me and come to a new profound understanding of relationships, love and myself. Maxine is a real life angel and I would definitely recommend working with her."

  • "It was a pleasure working with Maxine. She helped me to review my relational patterns in a structured and loving way. She is very flexible and patient and truly cared about helping me to transform and grow. I got several 'arha' moments as we worked together and my relationships have shifted for the better. I recommend her work.

  • "For over 10 years I was stuck from moving on from my divorce. The a-ha moments I had during the sessions and working through the Divorce Detox were life changing. In such a short space of time I feel so much lighter, grounded and I've actually started doing things I love again."

  • "I've never had coaching like that before, I found it incredibly powerful."

  • "I've had coaching in the past, but I've never experienced such rapid growth as whilst doing the Divorce Detox."

  • "I loved it! It was challenging, in a good way. Maxine helped me, pushing me in a way that felt kind and loving."

  • "I unearthed the internal blocks that were holding me back, and most importantly I've learned to love myself unconditionally." 

  • "I had been resentful for a long time (10 years), with coaching I finally saw that I too was to blame for my wife's affair. It gave me a new respect and empathy for my ex. A few months later, I actually met my new partner & fell in love."

  • "I would recommend Maxine to anyone that has relationship issues. She is highly professional and so easy to open up to."

  • "The experience has had a huge impact on my emotional well- being. It's started me on a journey of re-discovering my authentic self and I'm loving every minute of it."


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