Divorce Detox

It's Time To Break Free From The Past, Create A New Future
& Discover Your Most Radiant Authentic Self

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Divorce Detox Methodology

This program teaches emotional empowerment, healing, self-love and gives you the tools and confidence to step into your new life. The Divorce Detox is a highly transformational program using a combination of practical tools, spiritual psychology principles and cutting edge neuroscience (let's re-wire your brain for love and happiness).

Real life techniques to heal faster, to mentally and emotionally release past relationships, toxic emotions and patterns (so you don't repeat them).  

I'm sure you're here because you want to stop feeling

hurt, afraid, lost and stressed (I know that's what I wanted)

The Divorce Detox Method is an easy to follow four-phased process for healing a divorce (and a broken heart).
It's important when you're going through divorce to be angry, sad, confused (to let it all out)
and it's also important to take care of you, to shift your focus from your soon to be ex, to yourself.  


DIVORCE is a time to better yourself, to understand that person (the one you loved),

 has served your Soul's growth and it's now time to HEAL and THRIVE!

Learn to release painful and stressful emotions, regain control and have clarity over your decision making and thinking.

Free yourself from your past and your ex, let go of festering resentments, old relationship patterns and truly heal and reclaim your heart.

Fall in love with you and learn to live from your emotional power centre AND energy, resulting in inner confidence and HIGH self-worth.

Create your new life from the "inside out", aligned with your highest self with a vision for love and life that you find deliciously juicy and fun.

Time Doesn't Heal A Broken Heart! You Do!

Working with a professional divorce coach will help you to heal faster 
provide you with strategies and techniques to transform
difficult and painful emotions and you'll start to feel happier (and save on legal fees). 
This support will help you to have clarity in your decision making and the confidence to
move on and be your most gorgeous radiant Self . 

This program is for you if you want to...

  • Be free of heartache and feel happy again
  • Have emotional and mental freedom (stop thinking about your ex)
  • You want to truly know and love who you are 
  • You want to have clarity on how you feel and confidence in your decision making
  • You want to be able to communicate effectively with your ex
  • You're fed up of being in reaction every time you get a text or read an email
  • You want to be empowered to set and hold healthy boundaries
  • You want to sleep well at night
  • You want to move on, (even if you not sure how)
  • You want to feel love for yourself and know your value and worth
  • You want to take all the lessons and not repeat them in the future 

Most women stay stuck for years, waiting for the legal proceedings to pass
and thinking that time will heal them...
Don't make that mistake!!

9 X 60 minute coaching sessions via Zoom
Workbook explaining all practices/meditations/journal exercises
Access to my online portal (video training content)
Weekly meditation/transforming stress practices
Bonus: Get Divorce Fit Online Course included (value £197)

You might be wondering "WHY should I work with Maxine?"

I'll tell you. I have navigated two divorces in a loving conscious Soulful way. My second divorce devastated me, I didn't see it coming. I had two young children and I was heartbroken. I thought I would never heal and that I'd NEVER, EVER find love again. Well I healed in a powerful way and am in the most amazing, deliciously gorgeous loving relationship, I actually got engaged in Dec 2019!  My life has never been this good.

I help women heal and I help them to fall in love with themselves so they live their most radiant life. I'd love you to work with you!

Coaching investment between £1.5K to £5K depending on length of program - Apply Here

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