Divorce SOS - How to Feel In Control When Your Life's Upside Down

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"Unfortunately, people change, relationships
break down and people fall out of love"

It's not a place we plan to be.

No one ever gets married or enters a long term committed relationship planning to split up. No one intends on breaking their loved one's heart and/or hating the very sight of the person who used to bring them so much love and joy.

Unfortunately it happens... and when it does, there has to be a better way to break up, one where we honour ourselves, our relationship and our future life. That's why I created the Divorce Detox, a program designed to flush out your Ex in a healthy way.

So what happens on the Divorce Detox?

This powerful 8 week coaching process is facilitated by Maxine either one to one or in a group.

Step 1: Emotional Mastery and Freedom
- giving you back your power and control.

Step 2: Moving Beyond Blame, Shame, Guilt and Fear
- shifting you into your power through acceptance and responsibility.

Step 3: Healing Your Heart with Forgiveness and Letting Go
- Learning from the past, so you don't repeat the patterns

Step 4: Awakening to Love from the Inside Out
- Learning to love your complete self & communicating your needs

Step 5: Embracing the Future and Re-Inventing You
Discovering new ways for moving forward with joy and love

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The Divorce Detox is not for everyone...

I say that because you have to be willing to be curious and you have to want to move beyond bitter break ups and unpleasant endings, if you think you can do that,  then this process is for you. (think conscious uncoupling)

You have to be willing to look at yourself (with kindness) and your relationship and be open to reflect at how you too have unconsciously created this experience. 

If you're willing, the transformation will be powerful and will give you back your freedom.

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About Maxine

Maxine's expertise covers all areas of relationships. Whether you're in the midst of a relationship crisis, divorced, separated or looking to find your life partner. 

Maxine is a certified Calling In the One Coach and has been trained and mentored by New York Times best selling author, Katherine Woodward Thomas (Conscious Uncoupling & Calling In the One).

Maxine is also a certified HeartMath™Coach, a powerful psychophysiological technology for transforming stress and building emotional resilience.  Maxine combines these processes in her Divorce Detox coaching as away of transforming the emotional and physical stress of divorce.

Maxine has been coaching individuals, couples and groups since 2000, having trained in Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Counselling at The Centre for Counselling & Psychotherapy Education London, specialising in grief therapy with Kingston Bereavement Centre.

What our customer's say

Woking, Surrey

I honestly didn't realise I was holding on to so much grief and blame. It felt good to finally let it go. I feel a freedom that I have not felt in years and its great that my ex no longer pushes my buttons. Thank you Maxine, it's changed my life."