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If you're in the midst of a break up, getting divorced or
divorced and not over it, then the Divorce Detox is for you 

this is you:

You want to be free of heartache
You want emotional freedom
You want your life back
You want clarity on how you feel and what to do
You want to be able to communicate easily with your Ex or soon to be ex
You want to stop reacting to text, emails and all the other stuff
You want to set better boundaries
You want to sleep better at night
You want to let go of your Ex or soon to be ex 
You want to move on
You don't want to make the same mistake again

You want to feel love for yourself

the DIVORCE DETOX online course is in pre-launch phase
we have our second pilot group starting
17th July 2017 (limited numbers)

What you will receive:

Unlimited access to Divorce Detox Online program (content delivered weekly)
Workbook, meditations & group coaching
Access to private closed facebook group
Personal access and lots of attention from Maxine during the duration of the course (Mon-Fri 10-5pm)
This access is only available during pre-launch phase

Week 1:   Detox Prep - Laying the foundation for flushing out your Ex.

** We'll debunk the popular myths of break ups that prevent you from healing
** We'll learn how to move through negative emotions of failure, shame and humiliation.
** We'll discover how thoughts and feelings affect your ability to make decisions.
** We'll learn how to transform feelings so you feel centred, calm and certain.
** Identify the areas of conflict and how to resolve them
** We'll set a powerful end result for a better and healthy break up (yes you can have that) for yourself and your family (especially your children)

Week 2:  Inner Cleanse - The inside out approach to healing your heart

** Learn to use your intense negative emotions to guide and empower you to create change
** Learn how to set healthy boundaries with your Ex
** Learn to communicate in a way that fosters healthy respectful relationships

 **Identify your relationship patterns which keeps you feeling incomplete and triggers conflict
** Learn how your obsessional thinking keeps you stuck in a pattern of trauma
** Understand how "people pleasing, undervaluing yourself, self-sabotage and abandonment" keep you powerless in your relationships, and how to change it

Week 3:  Balance - Re-fuelling your emotional, physical and spiritual self

**Discover the ultimate tonics for self-care (loving , valuing and appreciating, confidence, finding your voice) 
** Simple meditation to connect to your true heart and source of love (you will fall in love with you)
** Identify the skills and resources required to develop future fulfilling relationships
**Re-connect and awaken to your wholeness (this one thing stops healthy relationships)
** Get the maximum growth and learning from past relationships
** Experience a deeply honouring ritual to release and complete on the past
** Learn the skill of creating your life from "the inside out" instead of being in reaction to "circumstances"

Week 4: Love Re-Imagined - Embracing the future with a vision for love that brings you joy

** All the C's - completion, community, cohesion, co-operation, collaboration, conscious parenting...
** Create a supportive loving environment which nurtures your heart and family
** Sharpen your agreements to yourself and love-re-imagined
** Understand how to deal with setbacks and disappointments and stay in flow
** Set the  foundations for sustained emotional growth
** Re-write your love story
** Course completion

Reserve your spot now

This is the second pilot group and there is an investment of £97,
this course will cost £247 from SEPT 2017.
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About Maxine

Maxine's expertise covers all areas of relationships. Whether you're in the midst of a relationship crisis, divorced, separated or looking to find your life partner. 

Maxine is a certified Calling In the One Coach and has been trained and mentored by New York Times best selling author, Katherine Woodward Thomas (Conscious Uncoupling & Calling In the One).

Maxine has been coaching individuals, couples and groups since 2000, having trained in Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Counselling at The Centre for Counselling & Psychotherapy Education London, specialising in grief therapy with Kingston Bereavement Centre.

What our participants say

Woking, Surrey

I honestly didn't realise I was holding on to so much grief and blame. It felt good to finally let it go. I feel a freedom that I have not felt in years and its great that my ex no longer pushes my buttons. Thank you Maxine, it's changed my life."

Hounslow, Middlesex

I think one of the best parts of the course was realising how much I was part of the problem. I had been blaming my Ex for everything and I felt completely powerless. Now I have a much better perspective of things and it's allowed me to move on and do things differently. I like myself more and am ready for the next phase of my life."