The Divorce detox 


Divorce is painful, messy and in some cases downright toxic!!! With the right help, it doesn't have to be.  We can help you get over your divorce or break up in 4 weeks..

Some stats...
47% of first marriages fail
65% of second marriages fail
71% of third marriages fail

That's pretty scary. If you don't do the work of understanding your breakup, healing your pain, releasing your anger and any resentments, then the chance of you repeating the same mistake 2nd or 3rd time around increases.

Hi, I'm Maxine,

I honestly believe there are no victims in divorce. Unless you unconsciously set yourself up to be one.

Usually that happens because we spend far too much time focusing on what we think we did wrong, living in the past and believing that something happened to us.

We also think time heals, when it doesn't, the choice to engage in your own healing process is what empowers you to heal. I teach my clients how to stop giving their power away and to take full responsibility for their HAPPINESS.

I've been married and divorced twice, I'm trained in Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Relationship Coaching. I am now in the best relationship of my life and I have healthy happy relationships with my previous husbands. The father of my children, regularly stays at my home looking after our children, if you want to learn how to divorce and create future healthy relationships then you're in the right place.

Okay, so you might not want your Ex staying in your home, however
if you have kids together, you will want to co-parent in a healthy conscious way... so you have to do the work on you.

  Start Healing Your Heart and Life Today...


* Emotional Check In

* Heart Shift Meditation
* Emotional Confidence Meditation

* Completion Meditation

* Cord Cutting Meditation

* Emotional Transformation Meditation

* Forgiveness Meditation

* Love Re-Imagined Meditation

4 Modules With Workbook 

 * Detox Your Ego Phase

* Heart Cleanse Phase
* Self-Love Goddess Phase
* Love Re-Imagined Phase


Each phase has 3 lessons, which have practical exercises and meditations to help you transform and thrive during your divorce. 

Immediate Access

* Get started straight away in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

* No waiting to book an appointment or speak to an expert.

* Private FB support group (if you want to join).

You Will Learn:

Week 1: Detox Your Ego

* What divorce myths are keeping you stopping you from moving on?

* Discover how your thoughts and feelings are stopping you from making decisions

* Learn to transform anxiety, stress and worry into peace, confidence, certainty and love. 

Identify areas of conflict and how to resolve them

* Learn how obsessional thinking keeps you stuck in a pattern of trauma

* Set a powerful intention for a better and healthy break up
(yes you can have that) for yourself and your family

Week 2: Cleanse Your Heart

 *Understand how "people pleasing, undervaluing yourself, 

self-sabotage and abandonment" keep you powerless in your relationships and how to change this

*Identify relationship patterns which keep you feeling incomplete and trigger conflict in your life

* Deal with festering resentments, guilt and unwritten agreements

* Get the maximum growth and learning from past relationships

* Experience a deeply  healing ritual to release and complete on the past


Week 3: Be A Self-Love Goddess

* Discover the ultimate tonics for self-love (love, appreciation, confidence, finding your voice)

* Simple meditation to connect to your heart and source of love (you will fall in love with you)

* Identify the skills and resources required to develop future fulfilling relationships

* Re-connect and awaken to your wholeness (this one thing stops healthy relationships)

* Learn the skill of creating your life from "the inside out" instead of being in reaction to "circumstances"

Week 4: Love Re-Imagined

** Re-write your love story

** Create a supportive loving environment which nurtures your heart and family

** Make a stand for your heart and yourself.

** Understand how to deal with setbacks and disappointments and maintain radiant love

** Set the foundations for sustained emotional growth

** Co-parenting, collaboration & community


To support as many people as possible during the Coronavirus outbreak,

I am offering my Online Program for only £99.

OR I'm happy to pay the Full ONLINE COURSE Price &

with Maxine (value £500)

(one 60 minute online session per week )

And if you are not 100% satisfied, I will refund your money.

This course is a highly transformational and practical healing program which will help you to positively flush out your past relationships (and any toxic patterns)..  

in my course, i give you the exact tools I use with
my private coaching clients to shift from divorce fear to acceptance & "loving yourself" 

This course is essential if you want to be free of heartache, to be back in control of your emotions and life, and empowered to create a future you love.

Some Reviews From Clients...  


I honestly didn't realise I was holding on to so much grief and blame. It felt good to finally let it go. I feel a freedom that I have not felt in years and its great that my ex no longer pushes my buttons. Thank you Maxine, it's changed my life." 

Danielle, Woking


I think one of the best parts of the course was realising how much I was part of the problem. I had been blaming my ex partner for everything and I felt completely powerless. Now I have a much better perspective of things and it's allowed me to move on and do things differently. I like myself more and am ready for the next phase of my life.".

Maria, Hounslow


The pain of not being around my kids was unbearable and it was getting me down. I couldn't function at work and I was worried about getting fired for making a mistake. Doing this program and having coaching helped me to get in control of my anger and sadness and now I'm much more balanced. I still miss my kids, but I am getting on better with my ex wife and now we are more accommodating and flexible."" 

Fred, Edmonton

What Are You Waiting For? 

You don't have to take forever to heal
Would you love to be emotionally confident and free? 
Are you ready to complete on the past? 
Let go of your struggle and create a life you love?

And even attract new love?.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. 

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