It's unfortunate that we need an event like this. However I am excited as this is the first of it's kind in London and it has come about because we there is a HUGE  SHIFT in the way we divorce and our perceptions of what's possible for couples and families as they transition to building new lives, post divorce and breakup.  

It has been my passion for many years to change the divorce conversation from Fear TO LOVE.  

To drop the blame, shame and stigma of divorce for all concerned and to move to a more conscious loving divorce process, where people can honour themselves, their past relationship and any children involved.

I am excited to be sharing insights from my soon to be released book The Divorce Detox on how to positively flush out your ex and take control of your life.  I will be sharing how the power of love can and will transform your heartache to happiness.

Are you ready to transform your divorce or breakup?

You don’t have take forever to heal (that’s a common myth)

You don’t need to sacrifice your wellbeing

You don’t have to put up with feeling resentful and angry

You don't have to take your lack of trust into your new relationships

And you don't have to waste years of your life

waiting to fall in love again!

WHAT WOULD IT FEEL LIKE… stop replaying the story of your breakup? stop trying to understand what went wrong and who’s to blame?
Imagine if you could feel at peace with yourself and the past,  
to feel confident and be in control of your emotions and your destiny. 

In my talk at the Divorce Fair, I will be sharing how the 4 Step Divorce Detox Process can help you move from fear to love.

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