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If you're feeling overwhelmed and worried about what's going to happen in your marriage, separation or divorce, it's understandable. It's very likely that you have great family and friends, yet, you feel completely alone, as if no one really understands and you can't cope. It's not too late, don't panic, help is here.

This is a difficult time, I completely understand that you're sick to the stomach with worry and fear about the future and what lies ahead.

This might be you:

* Your partner has left and there is little or no contact and it's driving you crazy 

* You have discovered an infidelity or emotional affair and don't know what to do

* Your partner doesn't want to get help to work on your marriage or explain why they want a divorce or separation, leaving you alone and confused.

* You're arguing non stop about money, friends/family, lack of sex, communication, the kids and there is no connection what so ever and you don't know how to change this.

* Everything feels awful and you're on the brink of what feels like a breakdown.

You’re not alone. I’m Maxine Clancy and I am with you every step of the way, committed to your breakthrough and to helping you gain clarity,  confidence and access your emotional power centre. 

Firstly, I recommend you stop trying to get your partner to change or work on the marriage... It doesn't help, the pressure on them and on yourself is too draining. WORK ON YOU... by working on yourself, your perception, the way you feel and by changing your approach, you will get a different response.

Book a 90 Minute Clarity Session

In this session you will get to:
Gain clarity on your situation and what you want.
Tools to help you with hurt, anger, frustration and more.
A clear plan on what's best for you to focus on and move you forward right now.

Coaching helps you to tap into your inner strengths, and when you're in
a breakup it's difficult to see this on your own. Clarity coaching is solution focused rather
than centred on the past. This session will provide you with the emotional 
support and encouragement to treat yourself with love and care during
this difficult time.

Usually £250 per session
Special £195 

Where does the coaching take place?
In the comfort of your own home. Sessions are online via Zoom, which is a Private online meeting room, we will both be able to see each other, although if you prefer you can switch the video off. (Usually people prefer to see me and vice versa, as it feels like we are in the same room). All sessions are recorded and this will be emailed to you within 24 hours of the session.

How long is the session?
It is a full 90 minutes. To get the most out of your time, it's best to come to the session, with a brief description of your situation, the problems you have been experiencing. It will not be necessary to discuss in detail every argument or upset, a summary of how you see things is best. The coach will direct you with powerful questions.

How soon can I book?
When you click on the BOOK NOW button, once payment has been made, you will be taken through to the booking calendar, usually we have bookings available within 24 hours. Occasionally at the weekends the booking is 48 hours, however, your booking time will be confirmed immediately.

Will the coach call me?
You will be sent an email with the link to your private meeting room. This will have a password and only you will be able to enter. The meeting room can be accessed by your web browser, or a Zoom App on your mobile phone, iPad or tablet. 

What happens if I need to cancel?
If the session is cancelled within 24 hours of the session time, a fee is not returned, as your coach will have allocated this time to you. However we do understand that you may need to reschedule, and if outside the 24 hour time frame then this is done by accessing the calendar link in your confirmation email.

What times are available?
Coaching sessions are available during the day and evening, it depends on the schedule of the coach.