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When To Work With A Coach

You've found out your partner has had an affair
If you've just found evidence of an affair or your partner has told you about their infidelity then it’s essential to seek unbiased emotional support from an expert. Infidelity in a relationship brings up intense emotions such as shock, anger, betrayal, fear and disbelief. It’s likely you will be feeling a combination of these emotions. You will feel confused about what you want and how to get to the truth of what has happened.

The first six months after the disclosure of an affair is the golden window for relationship recovery. Whilst friends and family mean well, they will be emotionally involved and want to protect you, plus it’s harder for them to forget when you move on.  Don’t panic and rush into making decisions too soon. Get some help.

You have separated from your partner and need someone unbiased to talk to.
Separation will undoubtedly leave you feeling anxious, alone and scared for your future. You may be uncertain about your financial security and that of your children’s (if you have them). Talking with an expert will help you to separate out your intense emotions, so you’re able to communicate your needs and wants effectively.

It’s important to speak with someone who has a toolkit of strategies which empower you to respond rather than react. Lawyers are expensive and are not skilled in helping you to get in control of your emotions.

You aren't coping with your divorce
Divorce challenges the very essence of our identity and everything we know about ourselves. Often our sense of self is tied up in our marriage and partner and divorce threatens that. It knocks at our confidence and even the simplest of decisions can seem overwhelming. You may find you're exhausted in the day and yet have difficulty sleeping at night as you’re not used to being on your own.

You're worried about the impact of separation or divorce on your children
Divorce is draining and it’s hard enough supporting yourself emotionally and staying strong for your children. It’s difficult to know how much to share with children and how best to support them when your emotions are high.  A divorce coach will be able to give you tools to help you be in control and to assist you with your children.

The legalities are confusing and overwhelming
A divorce coach can assist with getting the best support team around you. They will understand the divorce process and help you to gain clarity on your needs and how best to work with your lawyer. One of the biggest issues people face is separating their emotions from facts, and getting the two mixed up when speaking with lawyers and their ex.

You feel it's time to move on
Your divorce is almost complete or you’ve been divorced for some time and yet you haven’t quite moved on.

Often we go through a divorce with the support of good family and friends and without expert help. This can leave us with the emotional baggage of our "Ex" and “inner blocks” to moving forward into our new lives. We end up taking the unresolved issues with us in to new relationships.  It’s a great time to work with a relationship coach who specialises in healing the past and creating the love you want.

When is it a good time to start dating and get into a new relationship?
It’s a big step! It’s a long time since you last dated, your confidence has been knocked during the divorce yet you're fed up with being single and sitting home alone night after night!

When is it a good time to date and what’s the best way to go about it? Maxine is a certified Calling In The One Coach, which specialises in attracting the love we desire.

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