Get Divorce Fit 

New Online Course reveals  How to be mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically fit when going through a divorce or relationship break down

How To Get Over Divorce Stress In 7 Days with the
Get Divorce Fit Program.

Are you...
Uncertain about your future?
Feeling overwhelmed with conflicting emotions about your divorce or break-up ?
Unable to sleep because of the thoughts and feelings that keep going around your head?

Confused about what your next step should be?

Can't believe this is happening to you and you wish you could feel more in control?

If so, my online course will help you. 

Depressed, stuck and overwhelmed with your break up or divorce process, it's hard to believe you'll ever be happy again

Hi, I'm Maxine,

I'm guessing, if you're anything like me when my marriage broke down, your divorce  is creating a huge amount of stress on you both mentally and physically. I found it was difficult  to feel centred and balanced when my life had been turned upside down and I was hurting inside, like you are now.  That's why I created this course... 

As a relationship coach with a background in transpersonal psychotherapy and transforming stress, I knew I had to use my skills to help others going through this profoundly difficult time.

So, I created an easy to follow, practical course to help you find your centre, understand the impact of stress (yes that sick to stomach feeling is real), how to communicate with your Ex (and more), so you can get emotionally ready for the next stage, whatever that may be.


* To get you balanced
* To release stress

* Transform anxiety

* Help you sleep

*To create certainty & safety

Workbook to Download

* Worksheets to help you: 

* Deal with conflict

* Communicate with aggressive or abusive people
* Understand your "Triggers" 
* See how your "Buttons"   are getting pushed

* Healthy eating

* Work through your challenges

* Co-parenting and helping you to settle your children's fears

Immediate Access

* Get started straight away in the comfort and privacy of your
own home.

* No waiting to book an appointment or speak to an expert.

* Access to a private FB support group (if you want to join).

This course will create stability and an inner feeling of calm and wellbeing, so you can concentrate and function better at work and with your children.  

in my course, i give you the exact tools I use with
my private coaching clients to create harmony and inner balance

This course is essential if you're stuck in the shock of any sort of betrayal, affair or in complete disbelief that your partner has asked for a divorce or to separate. AND if you find yourself asking the question "Why me?" or "What happened to my life?"

You Will Learn To:

* Make choices that support and nurture YOU and help you to feel happier within yourself..

* Understand the physical impact of stress on your body (especially if you have that sick to the stomach feeling or the jitters).

* Understand how your thinking affects your behaviour (especially obsessive thinking). 

* How to get out of the cycle of not sleeping and massive overwhelm.

* Understand the grief cycle and how to use the emotions of grief to thrive instead of survive. 

* Immune boosting nutrition to support your nervous system and improve your energy levels.

* Powerful breathing practices to transform stress/anxiety in the moment with your eyes open - (you can use these anywhere without people knowing).


To support as many people as possible during the
Coronavirus outbreak, I am offering my programs on a

 No matter how much you pay, you'll be getting the same course as everybody else. I trust that you're fair and will support me & this course with whatever you can afford.
And if you are not 100% satisfied, I will refund your money.

This is the total amount for the whole course.

* Understand your "relationship triggers" so that you can communicate from a place of "personal power" instead of victimisation.

* How to set healthy boundaries for yourself, your Ex and others.

*  How to communicate with your Ex and what to do if you have children or a business together.

*  The best way to communicate with aggressive or abusive people.

* How to healthily co-parent your children.

*  Understand your children's fears and how best to support them.

Reviews From My Clients  


"Working with Maxine, completely changed the way I saw my divorce. I was so stressed and afraid of what the future had in store for me, that I wasn't sleeping or eating. With the Get Divorce Fit program, I started to make easy and simple changes that had a huge impact on the way I felt. Maxine helped me to feel more balanced and ready to face my divorce." 

Kate, London

Mother, Account Executive


"I have completed your "Get Divorce Fit" program. I think that you have structured it really well with tools that are designed to guide us well to handle and transform stress after the breakdown of a relationship. Your videos were inspiring mainly because what you spoke comes straight from the heart. I was able to relate to them easily despite being from another country. I am so excited and I look forward to working on your 4-week "Divorce detox program" to help myself through your guided journey of healing and inspiration! Thanks a million!".

Pallavi Pinge, India
University Co-Ordinator


"I was so stressed. I was overeating, putting on weight and feeling extremely frustrated and angry with life and what had happened to me. When I started the program I realised that I could change things and that what happened didn't mean my life was over. Maxine helped me to see that  I was eating to suppress my fear about looking after my children on my own. Once I started to practice the breathing exercises I felt a little bit better each day and then I took up Zumba, it made a big difference to my energy levels and for the first time, I was doing something for me. I realised my life wasn't over." 

Caroline, Bedford
Mother, Lawyer

100% Money Back Guarantee

 If after following all our videos and applying our techniques you don't find a change in your stress levels.

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. 

What Are You Waiting For? 

If you're spending all your time:-
 stressing about what your Ex is doing,
your nights awake instead of sleeping,
if you're feeling sick, overwhelmed
AND wondering how to find peace,
then buy this online course today
and start to take control of your emotions
and back in control of your life.

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