Calling In "The One" Group Coaching

I'm ready to let go of the past and become magnetic to love

​I am saying yes to having a transformation in my love life and to choosing to create happy healthy love

7 Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life

Release your baggage, blocks and barriers to love and
consciously call in your soul partner.

In this 7 week program you will discover:

* What is really blocking you from love and how to release it

* Understand what happens when you see yourself as the source of your experience - and how a shift in thinking will radically change your ability to create the love story you truly deserve

*How to challenge old beliefs or unsupported assumptions you have about love, such as "there are no good men, I'm not good enough, men always cheat,  no one will love me".

* Use the exact steps hundreds of thousands of women have used to create a deep experience of self-love, so you have confidence in yourself and  in all areas of your life.

* Move beyond your old patterns in love, leaving you open and more magnetic than ever to create and sustain a happy healthy fulfilling relationship

... and so much more.... life will change...transformation is real in this program

I  never knew doing this program would give me my life back. I've stopped giving everything to everyone else, and now take the time for me. I'm dating again, for the first time in seven years and I am having so much fun."


Course Content

Introduction to core principles of Calling In the One

Week 1: Preparing for love - setting an intention for love fulfilled

Week 2: Completing the Past - clear away inner obstacles

Week 3: Healing core wounds​ - identify your True Love Identity & Release ceremony

Week 4: Setting your course - embody your vision for love

Week 5: First things first - awakening to self love

Week 6: A life worth living - cultivating happy healthy love

Week 7: Living Love Fulfilled​ - how to overcome setbacks, obstacles and delays 

Course Structure

The course follows the New York Times Best Selling author Katherine Woodward Thomas's book Calling In the One , facililitated by CERTIFIED Calling In The One Coach, Maxine Clancy.

Cost: £195,  includes LIVE Intro session, 7 LIVE group coaching sessions, 7 recorded classroom sessions, closed facebook group, ability to download recordings

Start Date:  

July 2018 Course:

Online LIVE Intro Session: Thursday 26th July 2018
Online LIVE GROUP Coaching sessions
- Thursday 26th July  to Thursday 13th September  8.00pm to 9.30pm

Two sessions per week, sessions are recorded and are available for download and replay. Private closed facebook group for sharing, learning and support. Attendees must purchase the Calling In the One book from Amazon @ £14.99 (paperback) or Kindle (£9.72)​ in order complete the course material. The book process is 7 weeks, however this course has an introduction session as well to allow for introduction to course content and structure.

I am ready to kiss the single life goodbye and say hello to love

​I am saying yes to having a transformation in my love life and choosing to create happy healthy love

Maxine Clancy

I am so excited to be sharing this program with you. Calling In The One has had a profound impact on my life and the lives of hundreds of thousands of women. The book was written in 2004 and this coaching program has evolved in a powerful way since then.  

Thank you for choosing me to be your coach in love!

I  would whole heartedly recommend anyone looking for "healthy happy love" (as Maxine's calls it!) to take the opportunity to work with Maxine. This 7 week course will help you get in touch with what you really want and help you make you aware of/remove any barriers that you have build up against getting what you truly desire"