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Take Charge Of Your Emotions
Reduce Stress & Anxiety, Improve Your Focus & Enhance Performance

Transform Health & Wellbeing

HeartMath® is a system of simple but powerful techniques, tools and biofeedback technologies that empower you to create more flow and less stress.

HeartMath is easy to learn and the techniques are used with your "eyes open" and "in the moment", meaning you can bring your best self to your professional, social and personal lives.

...Powerful Results

HeartMath is backed by more than 20 years of scientific research, HeartMath's award winning technology is accessible to everyone and very easy to use: Our innovative emWave® and Inner Balance™ biofeedback technologies give you real-time insight into your emotional, mental and physical state. This increases self-awareness and helps you develop the ability to self-regulate emotions and behaviours and to manage your inner resilience battery.


Improve your health & resilience
Effectively reduce stress
Increase mental clarity and feel happier
Achieve and sustain greater wellbeing
Improved relationships
Enhanced performance

Understanding Coherence

Coherence is a state of optimal function.  When we activate this state we experience greater emotional stability, increased mental clarity and improved cognitive function.  Simply stated our body and brain work better and we perform better. Coherence is the engine for resilience.  It can be learnt, practiced and developed and the physical and mental benefits are profound.

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The Coherence state is marked by the development of a smooth, sinewave like pattern in the heart-rate variability (HRV) trace.  This Heart Rhythm Coherence, is the primary indicator of the body wide Coherence state and is what our techniques create and our biofeedback products measure.

Resolving Stress, Boosting Resilience and Empowering
Individual and Group Performance

Group Resilience Workshops
We run fun, interactive and experiential half and full day workshops.  Delegates learn about the sources of resilience and develop awareness of what drains and renews their inner battery.

Delegates also experience the foundation coherence self-regulation techniques and a series of coherence tools which can be used strategically for real-time problem solving and communication.  Our biofeedback technology enable delegates to see and believe that they can change their physiology and state.

HeartMath leadership and executive development is also available.

Individual Resilience Training
Our 1:1 coaching and small group coaching sessions are designed to help individuals develop awareness of what drains and what energises their resilience. They learn a series of coherence self-regulation techniques and apply these between session so to manage drains and increase opportunities for renewal. Each coachee uses the biofeedback technology to practice and develop their coherence skills. Their progress is monitored by their coach via a remote system to provide encouragement and feedback.  The sessions are particularly valuable for highly-stressed employees and newly promoted managers.

Other areas HeartMath coaching provides support...
* Exam stress for students
* Presentation skills 
* Public speaking
* Crisis Management
* Divorce 
* Health Issues
* Increase sports performance
* Stopping emotional eating

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