Your Invitation - Positively Flush Out Your Ex & Contribute To The Divorce Detox Book

Get Coached by Transformational Divorce Coach Maxine Clancy & Make a Difference By Inspiring Other Women With Your Transform & Thrive Divorce story. 

It's Your Turn To Be Heard

Were you married to a NARCISSIST or an ABUSIVE person?

Did your partner CHEAT on you, maybe once, twice or on numerous occasions?
Or were you the one who CHEATED?  Did you leave your marriage?

Did your marriage break-down due to FINANCIAL problems?

Were you CHILDHOOD sweethearts, together forever and then you GREW APART?


I am looking for 50 women who want to heal and who will be willing to share their story in my book The Divorce Detox as inspiration for other women who are going through divorce.

Do You Want to Go From Fear To Love?

From anger to peace. From hurt to healed. From surviving to thriving.

If you want to make a difference to others, then I want you in my book, you will have 2 pages (approx 1500/2000words) to share your story and your transformation.  

Now before you think… I DON’T KNOW HOW TO WRITE… don’t worry about that, we will help you with an easy to follow template, where you fill in your story and we edit and proof-read this for you.

The most important question is… DO YOU WANT TO HEAL AND USE YOUR STORY TO HELP OTHERS?

To Participate... 
Your Commitment is...

Join Me - Divorce Detox

Join the live 7 week online healing program led by Maxine.
Starts:  17th January

Completes: 4th March

Full program details below (scroll down)

Full Access to Divorce Detox Online Course

Share Your Transformation 

Write your transformation story using our story template to help and inspire other women. Submission deadline: 14 days after completion of program. 

Private Facebook Group 

Join my private group, where I will be providing daily support and answers to your questions. Build relationships with the other amazing women sharing this transformation with you.

Members Club

When you sign up, You get 6 months access to My Divorce Coach Online Members Club & Wellness Vault with ongoing support.  
My Wellness Vault is filled with juicy videos tutorials from experts in mental, physical, spiritual and wealth wellbeing.

Your Investment Only $99

Time doesn't heal, it passes. The decision to heal is what gives you your power and your transformation.” - Maxine Clancy

Program details

The program has:
* LIVE training session each week (45-60 mins), where I deliver content from the Divorce Detox book & online course to help you heal and transform. There will be practical exercises for you to do prior to the coaching call.

* LIVE GROUP COACHING each week - these sessions are interactive and last for 90 minutes, everyone learns from each other. You don’t have to be coached personally, but if you want to, you can… the huge benefit of group coaching is that most of our issues are similar if not the same, and when we hear someone else’s story and them being coached, it helps us to transform our story.

Live Trainings: Thursdays - 17th, 24 & 31st Jan, 7th, 14th , 21st & 28th Feb

Live Coaching: Mondays - 21st & 28th Jan, 4th, 11, 18th, 25th Feb, 4th March

ALL SESSIONS ARE RECORDED AND AVAILABLE TO WATCH LATER and will be located in one place so they're easy for you to find. If you miss a session, you can watch the replay in your own time.

My Commitment to you

I am 100% invested in your divorce transformation.  

I'm investing my love, my expertise and my energy in you for 7 weeks and ongoing in my members club. I am making a stand for your healing. This is a powerful container for transformation to happen.

Coaching with me starts at $150 per hour and my one to one divorce detox program is $2000. The Divorce Detox online course sells for $300.  So this is a divine, once in a lifetime  opportunity to work with me.

I only want to work with women who are totally committed to their healing and transformation and who will SHARE THEIR STORY AT THE END of the program, so they too can INSPIRE OTHER WOMEN. 

The $99 is not a reflection of the value you're going to receive from me or the commitment I'm making to you. It's your commitment to yourself to stay in the program and make a stand for your healing and transformation. 

When we get anything for free, we don’t value it… think about it, how many online freebies have you received and not used???

I'm on a mission to transform the way we see divorce, as an opportunity for personal empowerment and to reclaim our emotional confidence and freedom.

What Others Say


It was so much more than just accountability that I received from Maxine. She guided me though it all, held space for me and gave me insights into my blind spots that I was either not aware of or not willing to acknowledge. She is kind, intuitive and has the gift to help you work through your thoughts/feelings and help you to get clarity.

Sejal N 

Senior Management, UK


During my first session with Maxine, with her guidance, I had an eye opening epiphany. With her loving approach, I was quickly led to a clear understanding of how I got myself into this mess in the first place, staying with and marrying a narcissist. And with each session thereafter, my patterns and core wounds became more clear. I have done coaching in the past but I had never experienced such a rapid growth jump in each session..

Janine C.
Mother, Executive, USA


After coaching with Maxine and implementing the techniques she gave me, I finally feel in control of my life. I feel confident and loved and ready to go be the successful woman I know I am. Best purchase ever!.

Marianne M
Business Owner, UK

Are You Ready To Transform & Thrive?

In addition, as a thank you for your investment in me, in time, money and more importantly your energy, I will send you a COMPLIMENTARY COPY of my book, The Divorce Detox when it is Published (April 2019).

Maxine Clancy

Mother of two amazing teenagers. I absolutely love vinyasa yoga, art, mediation, walking my dog, my family & my gorgeous man. I live by the river in Barnes, UK.

I originally trained as a psychotherapist in '96 and I am a certified relationship coach. I have studied with many of the greats in personal development. I love people and what makes them tick and more than anything I love it when my clients have a transformation in their love relationships, with themselves and others.  

"Love is the great miracle cure" ~ Gabby Bernstein said that recently and it's something I have known ever since my second divorce. The power of love resides within us, not outside of us and that is where great healing happens.

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