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I felt so alone in my breakup. Eleven years ago, when I went through my second divorce, there were hardly any online tools to help soothe my heartache and understand what was happening in my body, mind, and spirit.  I’ve created these resources to get you started.

  • Help to Ground You

    This will

    Help to Ground You

    When we are over the place emotionally we need techniques to bring ourselves back to our centre and to self-soothe.

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  • Holistic Wellbeing

    Get My

    Holistic Wellbeing

    In this guide, I share four tips which you can implement immediately to create inner ease, calm & clarity when going through divorce or breakup.

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  • Divorce Grief


    Divorce Grief

    This guide will help you to understand the divorce grief emotional rollercoaster and how you can begin to transform difficult emotions.

    Reclaim Your Happiness

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