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Are you hurting, feeling lost and confused? Perhaps you’re considering leaving your partner? Maybe, you’re already going through a divorce or still struggling with unresolved hurt from the past? Working with a divorce coach will help you move from anger to acceptance and heal sooner. This is how I can support you.

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Why work with me?

  • Your partner has asked for a divorce and you feel lost and confused
  • You’re unhappy and don’t know whether to stay or leave your marriage
  • You have lost your sense of self and cannot imagine life after divorce
  • You got divorced a long time ago and have not moved on and feel stuck
  • You’re in a high conflict divorce and you need emotional & practical skills
  • Your self-esteem and confidence are low and you doubt yourself
  • You’re struggling to cope and worry about the impact of divorce on your children
  • Get the support you need

    When To Work With A Divorce Coach?

    Working with a divorce coach early in your divorce journey will help you find inner peace and freedom, heal faster, have more energy for yourself and your family, and save money on legal fees.

  • coaching or therapy?

    what’s the difference?

    Therapy is open-ended. Divorce coaching is solution focused, with an end result in mind. Teaching you how to love yourself even when you’re going through heartache. I’m a trained psychotherapist & coach, so we heal old relationship patterns and it doesn’t take years!

  • compassionate divorce

    You have the power to choose

    Setting an intention to have a compassionate amicable divorce is empowering and possible for anyone, even if you have a difficult spouse. It’s not easy, but neither is a toxic or messy divorce. In a compassionate divorce you get to define who you are, the divorce or other person doesn’t define you. I help my clients make new commitments to themselves, to set boundaries, have clearer communication and release sadness, anger and other difficult emotions.

Divorce recovery is about getting the emotional side of your divorce under control so you can accept, let go and get clear on what you want. This empowers you to make confident decisions about your family’s future.

Emotional Support

Difficult emotions, anger, sadness, jealousy can get the better of us. Learning to identify and soothe thoughts and feelings which disempower you is an absolute must (and skill you can learn).

Practical Skills

Learning to set healthy boundaries and to communicate effectively for co-parenting and divorce negotiations will reduce anxiety, and help the divorce process .

Clarity of Mind

Stress affects our decision making. Speaking with a divorce therapist will help you to gain clarity and confidence in what you want..

Acceptance & Letting Go

Divorce is 85% emotional and 15% logistical. Psychologically divorce insults our ego, it attacks us at our very core and it’s very easy to be emotionally driven and in ‘reaction mode’.  I teach my clients how to detach from their ‘ego story’ and to use ‘responsible self-reflection’ to find acceptance and the choice to let go. This helps you to reclaim your power.

You’re not alone.

Get the support you need.

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  • 1:1 Coaching

    Weekly or bi-weekly zoom coaching to support your healing and growth

  • Practical Tools

    Scienced backed stress and anxiety techniques for mind/body

  • Online Resources

    Content library with resources to support divorce wellbeing

Here's What People Are Saying

  • "I tried everything, had months of counselling, anti-depressants and nothing worked until I met Maxine. Working with her I was able to process my feelings and make sense of what happened in my life. I have grown, forgiven the people who have hurt me and come to a new profound understanding of relationships, love and myself. Maxine is a real life angel and I would definitely recommend working with her."

    Julia, UK
  • "For years I was stuck from moving on from my divorce. The a-ha moments I had during the sessions and working through the Divorce Detox were life changing. In such a short space of time I feel so much lighter, grounded and I've actually started doing things I love again."

    Diane, UK
  • "I had been resentful for a long time (10 years), with divorce coaching I finally realised, I too was to blame for my wife's affair. It gave me a new respect and empathy for my ex. A few months later, I actually met my new partner & fell in love."

    Richard, UK
  • "I would recommend Maxine to anyone that has relationship issues. She is highly professional and so easy to open up to."

    Sukanthi, UK
  • "Coaching with Maxine helped me realise my marriage was over long before my husband left. She helped me to see that my view of the relationship while I was in, was very different to the reality. Healing is hard, it is easier when you do it with a coach."

    Beth, UK
  • "My marriage broke down because I had an affair. Or that's what I thought, through the coaching I realised I had picked a man who was emotionally unavailable, and then I was trying to get my needs met outside the marriage. Before coaching I felt a lot of shame about my divorce, now I understand why I behaved the way I did, and feel love for that part of me."

    Sarah, USA

Working With A Divorce Coach Will Support Your Divorce Recovery & healing

I am truly grateful to have found Maxine and her expert coaching. After the end of my 42 year marriage I was desperate for help with acceptance and letting go. Maxine’s unique teaching helped me see ways I could change my negative thinking and fixed beliefs. It’s a work in progress but with Maxine’s tools and exercises I know I am at last moving forward to freedom and happiness!” – Liz, UK

Get The Support You Need.