New Book Reveals How to Market Online Courses & Other Digital
Products on AMAZON

Tap into Amazon's global audience of 300 Million Users & 50 Million Prime Members and Have More Time, More Clients and More Freedom

The Online Education Industry Is Worth Over $1 Billion

Are you...

Unsure about how to market your online course or digital products?

Frustrated that you're spending too much time on Facebook or Instagram trying to grow a following?

Confused about how to get your products in front of buying customers?

If so, this E book is for you.

 I'm guessing, like me, you created your online course, you did a big launch, promoted it to your list and you made some sales.  But in reality, it BELLYFLOPPED. Frustrating hey!

My original strategy was to launch on Groupon. I had it from very good authority that they would take my course and market it to their worldwide audience. Fantastic I thought. You can imagine my dismay (to put it politely) when I heard that Groupon weren't taking on any more digital courses at this time.

I realised pretty quickly that I needed to find an alternative market of happy buyers, preferably a trusted place where everyone shops and where they're ready to buy. 

You've guessed it, Amazon is that place.

​Trusted Retailer

Amazon is the leading E-retailer with over US$136 billion in sales in 2016.


Ready to Purchase

When people are searching on Amazon they're ready to buy, with their credit cards logged into the system.


Go Live In 48 Hours

You can be live (and selling) on Amazon within 48 hours of listing your product, providing you have the correct listing information.


We show you how to get your ONLINE COURSE
To Number 1 On Amazon

in our e-book we give you the 8 step process YOU Need to  Market your online course on amazon 


What You'll Be Learning

* The exact process to list & market an online course.

* The types of digital products you can sell.

* The secret hack to get your course to number 1. 

* Getting Started guide to get your product listed quickly.

* The number 1 reason that STOPS you marketing your Online Course & other digital products on Amazon and how to get around it. 

* INCLUDES 5 Video's showing you the 8 steps together with detailed screenshots.

* ADOBE Acrobat required to read PDF file


What Our Customers Have to Say


Enjoyed the book. Look forward to putting it into action :)

Simon Abbott 

Life Coach, Trainer, Author


I purchased your book and it was extremely helpful. Well worth the US$27. It is a wonderful step by step guide that walked me through the entire process. I went through it and listed my product in a day.

Brian Fletcher
Online Course Creator


Loved your Amazon course guide, really simple to follow. I love how you explained everything with Teachable and Thinkific as well. Excited to be listed.

Emma Burford
Digital Magazines

100% Money Back Guarantee

 If after following our exact 8 step process you're not listed on Amazon, we will refund your money.

We're so sure of this that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. 

What Are You Waiting For? 

If you're spending all your time:-
 in facebook groups,
your money on facebook ad's,
if you're in content creation overload
AND it's not working,
then buy this e-book today
and start marketing your courses & other
digital products on Amazon.

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