• Let's take your heartache and turn it into self-love & happiness.

    Working with a divorce coach and relationship expert will help you to heal and create happier future relationships. The number one reason people don’t have the love they want is that they hold onto childhood emotional trauma (feelings of not being enough, not being seen, heard, or wanted) and unresolved relationship grief.

    Coaching investment starts at £495 to £3000 depending on the package.

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    Holistic Divorce

    1:1 Divorce Coaching 

    Holistic Divorce coaching focuses on mind, body and soul. Providing the emotional support to transform your divorce and practical tools to heal and empower you. We will work at a deep transformational level, helping you to understand your relationship patterns, find emotional freedom, clarity, and confidence to move on and create a life you love. 

    Programs range from two to six months, depending on the level of support required. 

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    Forever Single? Feeling unlucky in finding the one?

    Over 400,000 women (and men) have found love using this program myself included at the age of 50, after two divorces. Calling In The One is an eight-week program where we work together to identify and release the inner blocks to love. Discover your false love identity and create new ways of being in a relationship rooted in deep self-love, worth so you can be your most authentic self.

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    Services – Service 1
  • Services – Service 1

    Affair Crisis


    Perhaps you have recently discovered your partner is having an affair (or maybe you are). There is a golden window of six months, when it is best to seek help and support. This is the time when you are most likely to be able to reconcile and use the experience as an opportunity for growth and to enhance your relationship.

    This is a three hour session where we work on reclaiming control of your emotions, find clarity around what you want and create a plan for moving forward.

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