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Perhaps you’ve been unlucky in love? Betrayed? Always attracting the ‘wrong type’ or repeating past mistakes and feel stuck. Will you always be single? To create something different, you have to alter your relationship with your inner world, and then you get something different on the outer. Here’s how I can help.

  • this might be you

    Relationship patterns

    A feeling that you’re only worthy of love if you’re a ‘certain way’. Inability to trust men and their intentions. Unable to trust your intuition and constantly doubt yourself.  Fear of abandonment and rejection if you are yourself. Loud inner critic telling you ‘how you should be to get a partner’.

  • Change Your relationship with yourself.

    Love yourself more

    The majority of our relationship challenges stem from unresolved childhood emotional trauma (that doesn’t mean you had a ‘bad’ childhood). This affects our sense of self, and in dating, that means, we get triggered, we feel neglected, we withdraw or become overly needy.  In our heads, we’re thinking; ‘We’re not enough’,  we settle for toxic relationships, and have difficulty in getting our needs met. Getting caught up in a push/pull dynamic.

  • you are a powerful creative force

    date with confidence

    Create inner emotional confidence and attract partners of quality. Learn to live from happiness & self-love to manifest what you want. When my clients do this work, they experience fulfilment in all areas of their life.

Calling In The One

Over 400,000 people have found love using the Calling In The One program. It is a powerful 8 week transformational program to heal past hurts, release inner blocks and create a vision for love fulfilled.


    We focus on


    Let go of past hurts, relationships and discover your inner blocks to having the love you desire. You have the power to heal and create what you desire.

  • transformation

    You'll receive


    Move beyond your limiting patterns in love, leaving you open and more magnetic than ever to create and sustain a happy healthy fulfilling relationship.

  • deeper connection

    You'll enjoy

    deeper connection

    Together we create an inner emotional confidence (in the core of your being) and this attracts men of quality. Learn to live from inner happiness & love to manifest in all areas of your life.

What's Included

This is an 8 week process where you work 1:1 with me.

  • 1:1 Coaching Sessions (8 x 60 minutes via Zoom)

    All sessions are recorded, and available for replay.

  • Personalised True Love Identity Program

    This program is written for you and it will rewire your brain for love and happiness.

  • All Course Material

    This program follows the Calling In The One Book, journal, meditations and powerful self-love practices.

  • Membership Club

    You will have 3 months access to my private membership club providing, video’s, meditations and wellness resources.

“I have been exactly where you are, and used this program to find love again at 50 after two divorces.” — Maxine Clancy

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  • My coaching sessions with Maxine are one of the best investments in life & love that I've ever made. 9 months after Calling In The One, I found my Soulpartner.

    Tatiana. (UK)
  • Tatiana. (UK)

    Through her wisdom, Maxine helped me to have beautiful life-changing insights & also provided me with the tools needed to keep me on track in living up to my fullest potential & fulfilling my vision of true love.

    Maggie. (USA)
  • Maggie. (USA)

    Just to stay thank you for our sessions. I feel I have permission to be the best version of me. Your coaching is so amazing, I feel blessed to have met you. Thank you.

    Patricia. (UK)

I want to find out about having a transformation in my love relationships.