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It's The Weekend & I'm Feeling Lonely...

Single, divorced or getting divorced and feeling challenged by the weekend. Missing your kids, relieved for me time and nothing is as it used to be.

What do you do first?

Dealing With Holiday Relationship Blues...

That moment on holiday when you realise you and your partner are not getting on, when there is no real connection of intimacy.

Practical Tip to transform the stress and tension in your relationship so you can begin to listen and tune in to your heart.

Overwhelming Emotions And How To Find Emotional Freedom?

In this short video, I am explaining why it's so important to have emotional freedom within ourselves and the impact that will have on your personal power and ability to create change in your life.

How To Use Complaining To Change Your Life

This is a completely different way at looking at the things we complain about or upset about in our relationships...

Why do we complain?

What do we complain about?

What's the mindset of the complainer?

The Four R's That
Kill Relationships

Following on from my blog, I did a facebook live about how the impact of the 4 R's and what you can do to to improve your relationship.

The BIG Love Day!

Oh no it's Valentines day and you're single.

How do we celebrate love when we're on our own and what is love really?

I'm sharing the biggest love lie in this short clip.

The Importance Of The F Word...

I know you might be thinking I'm talking about a rude word...but I'm not. Although I confess I'm not an angel, I have used that word quite a few times in my divorce.

Today I'm talking about forgiveness...

Debunking The Myth "I Fell Out Of Love With You"

What a load of BS it is when someone says that to you, or at least I think it is.

In this very short clip, I'm sharing what's really happening when someone says this.

What To Do When Thoughts & Feelings Are In Control

How to start to let go of the crazy thoughts that are going around in your head.

Simple Practical Tip.

What To Do When You Want To Connect With Your Ex And They're Ignoring You.

We've all been there, desperately trying to contact our Ex, and they're not responding. 

You want answers to questions, you want to know why? what went wrong and it's making you crazy...

Shifting Your Focus When You're Feeling Miserable and Alone.

Practical tip for dealing with depression and loneliness when you're on you're own at the weekend.