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Some comments from my clients...




For over 10 years I was stuck from moving on from my divorce. The a-ha moments I had during the sessions and working through the Divorce Detox were life changing. In such a short space of time I feel so much lighter, grounded and I've actually started doing things I love again. x.




I'm in such a different place because of Maxine's guidance, a place a few months ago I didn't even think existed. I can't thank her enough, Maxine is simply amazing." 



Social Media

I uncovered the internal blocks that were holding me back, and most importantly I've learned to love myself unconditionally."  



Business Owner

It's bizarre, but there was one particular question that Maxine asked me, that I had never thought of before and it changed everything.  After ten years of divorce I finally saw that I too was to blame for my wife's affair. It gave me a new respect and empathy for my ex. A few months later I actually met my new partner, fell in love and we are now married."




I loved it! It was challenging but not in a bad way - it was great - Maxine helped me - pushing me in a way that felt kind and loving. I made a lot of headway!


HR Director

There are people who touch our lives at certain points on our journey and we're forever changed for having met them and for the growth they have helped us to achieve. Maxine is one such person in my life.

I met Maxine during a time of deep personal crisis and turmoil. I didn't have any emotional  tools nor did I understand my patterns and the process of how to change my responses to my circumstances. This is where Maxine's gift lies. She helps one develop an arsenal to deal with the joys, the sorrows, relationships and everyday challenges that one faces in life.  I have come to value and appreciate her expertise, insight, empathy and true dedication to teaching others growth and development . She tells it like it is when, and sometimes before, you're ready to hear it.​

I recommend Maxine without reservation, as she has been a true blessing in my life, helping me to maintain my balance and embrace my new beginnings. 




I really loved that it was structured, with powerful guided visualisations for each week. I had never had coaching like that before and I found it incredibly powerful..."




After I completed The Divorce Detox with Maxine,  I had made progress but I knew there was much more to explore and I didn’t want that inner journey to end so I was delighted when Maxine told me about Calling in the One. I was a bit dubious at first as I still didn’t feel I was ready for dating, but I knew my inner spiritual journey needed to continue so I signed up.

The course has been amazing, I have learnt so much about myself. When I first started with Maxine I was all closed up, defensive and couldn’t see the point in relationships, I was also very hard on myself and the way I looked. Now, I feel much lighter, feminine and open to all the opportunities and connections around me. Since doing the course I have attracted at least three new clients into my business, as well as a new part-time job which will help me get out of the house and meeting people again. My confidence has soared and I had the courage to ditch the black hair dye I had been hiding behind and actually go blonde! I am now far more accepting of my figure and open to every possibility in life. Thank you Maxine x.




The book itself has potential life changing content but I would not have had completed the exercises or done it justice without Maxine's guidance and accountability. My weekly commitment to Maxine and the weekly calls pushed me to sit down and complete the "homework"!

It was so much more than just accountability that I received from Maxine. She guided me though it all, held space for me and gave me insights into my blind spots that I was either not aware of or not willing to acknowledge. She is kind, intuitive and has the gift to help you work through your thoughts/feelings and help you to get clarity.

The experience has had a huge impact on my emotional well being. It started me on a journey of re-discovering my authentic self and I'm loving every minute of it even through it has been far from a smooth sailing.".



“I was recommended Maxine when I was thinking about divorce. I have had 5 sessions so far and one more scheduled. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that these sessions have enabled me to share my difficult issues with someone who clearly knows so much about relationships. The various processes to connect to my intuition were so powerful in helping me see where I was and where I wanted to be and how to bridge the gap. The action steps that came up were simple to put into practice and thankfully, my relationship is now in a better place. I have no hesitation in recommending Maxine to anyone that may have relationship issues. She is highly professional and easy to open up to. It’s difficult to put into words how much these sessions have helped my situation. I will be eternally grateful.




Maxine is like a kick start in the right direction – a lifestyle of planning and achieving. I have now married my partner, moved countries, expanded my career in a way I had not foreseen and to top it all I am 20 weeks pregnant.”..




Maxine’s workshops are great, she speaks from her heart and is very intuitive. The first thing I did was buy a home for myself and interesting enough, after I bought my home I met someone, we now have two beautiful children. If you want to find love, then Maxine will help you...