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Client Praise

  • "I tried everything, had months of counselling, anti-depressants and nothing worked until I met Maxine. Working with her I was able to process my feelings and make sense of what happened in my life. I have grown, forgiven the people who have hurt me and come to a new profound understanding of relationships, love and myself. Maxine is a real life angel and I would definitely recommend working with her."

    Julia, UK
  • "For years I was stuck from moving on from my divorce. The a-ha moments I had during the sessions and working through the Divorce Detox were life changing. In such a short space of time I feel so much lighter, grounded and I've actually started doing things I love again."

    Diane, UK
  • "I had been resentful for a long time (10 years), with divorce coaching I finally realised, I too was to blame for my wife's affair. It gave me a new respect and empathy for my ex. A few months later, I actually met my new partner & fell in love."

    Richard, UK
  • "I would recommend Maxine to anyone that has relationship issues. She is highly professional and so easy to open up to."

    Sukanthi, UK
  • "Coaching with Maxine helped me realise my marriage was over long before my husband left. She helped me to see that my view of the relationship while I was in, was very different to the reality. Healing is hard, it is easier when you do it with a coach."

    Beth, UK
  • "My marriage broke down because I had an affair. Or that's what I thought, through the coaching I realised I had picked a man who was emotionally unavailable, and then I was trying to get my needs met outside the marriage. Before coaching I felt a lot of shame about my divorce, now I understand why I behaved the way I did, and feel love for that part of me."

    Sarah, USA