A Transformation In Love 

Learn To Love Yourself Deeply, Have Happier Relationships & More Intimacy

Discover How to let go of the past and ignite your heart 


Have you been unhappy in love? Disappointed, let down, disillusioned with the whole dating scene.  Do you feel that you've never been loved in the way you know you can be loved?

In this 6 week program we teach you how to have the love you truly want. In return you get... TO STOP COMPROMISING, have happier relationships, more intimacy, better sex and you will fall deeply in love with YOU!!! (which helps you to attract your ideal partner).

* Get Emotional Freedom - Learn to have a powerful relationship with your emotions and to meet your needs (it feels amazing when you can take care of the part of you that doesn't feel heard, seen or appreciated, you, know the voice inside that wants to have a rant).  Feel centred, confident, safe and able to ask for what you want.

* Reclaim your Power - You're more powerful than you think. Discover how to tap into your inner power by dropping the "life is happening to me" mindset. Stop worrying about what everyone else thinks and learn to honour and express yourself.

* Heal Your Heart - Let go of old patterns, limiting beliefs or the story you have about yourself and love.  Fall in love with yourself and know that YOU ARE ENOUGH, YOU ARE LOVEABLE AND YOU ARE WORTHY

* Let LOVE be your Super-Power - Use the love within you to be a tool for change and transformation in your life. Love doesn't exist outside of you, it's within you. We're taught to seek approval and love from others. In this program you will discover how to tap into love daily and experience an abundance of joy and love.  

* Love Re-Imagined - Re-invent yourself, discover your truth, shine your light in the world with a fierce heart vision for your future. Sometimes you have to re-write your love story when your life turned out differently to how you expected.

What's In This Course 

6 week Online Group Coaching with Maxine.
Video & Transcripts Delivered To Your Email
Meditations & Downloads

Emotional Power Centre

Stop overwhelm, stress, being scattered, feeling unloved, unworthy and not good enough.

True Love Essence

Find your true love essence, the essential truth about who you are in your love relationships. 

Release Past Patterns

Change your habitual ways of relating to others (ie, people pleasing, over-committing, too intimate too soon, no boundaries) and replace them with powerful new ways of relating.

Practical Techniques

Tools you can use every day to be centred, grounded, clear in your communication, tap into your intuition and set firm healthy boundaries.

“To find your emotional stability you need to develop a healthy relationship with your feelings.”
~ Maxine Clancy

This is how it works

Saturday - you will receive the weeks teaching via email with a video link to the content & downloads. (Start 1st - 6th May)

Wednesday - Live group coaching session via zoom - all sessions are recorded and you can send in questions if you are not available live (8PM -9.30PM UK) (First Session 4th April to 9th May)

Private Facebook Group - I will be available in this group each day to answer questions and to support you. Plus you will be able to connect with other ladies on the course.

Who Is this course for?

It's for the woman who wants to have a transformation in her love relationships.

For the woman who wants to fall in love with herself and receive love in her life, FULLY and UNAPOLOGETICALLY.

It's for the woman who's been hurt, betrayed, abandoned, abused. Who's felt alone, unloved, unappreciated, ignored, not special, unimportant, afraid, vulnerable and who's given too much love and not received it back.

It's for the woman who says "It's my time to have BIG love in my life and I'm going to go and get it!".

What Others Say


It was so much more than just accountability that I received from Maxine. She guided me though it all, held space for me and gave me insights into my blind spots that I was either not aware of or not willing to acknowledge. She is kind, intuitive and has the gift to help you work through your thoughts/feelings and help you to get clarity..

Sejal N. 

Senior Management, UK


During my first session with Maxine, with her guidance, I had an eye opening epiphany. With her loving approach, I was quickly led to a clear understanding of how I got myself into this mess in the first place, staying with and marrying a narcissist. And with each session thereafter, my patterns and core wounds became more clear. I have done coaching in the past but I had never experienced such a rapid growth jump in each session..

Janine Carver
Mother, Executive, USA


After coaching with Maxine and implementing the techniques she gave me, I finally feel in control of my life. I feel confident and loved and ready to go be the successful woman I know I am. Best purchase ever!

Marianne M
Mother, Business Owner, UK

Why this course​, why now?

This course is a culmination of 20 years of my coaching & life experience and has been born out of my desire to help women connect to the deep source of love that resides within them. To support them in becoming fully present to their divine nature and to live life with a deep sense of inner peace and emotional freedom, whatever your circumstances are.

I've personally coached people who are looking for love, going through a divorce/ break-up, or who are not sure whether to stay or leave their relationships. I have worked with people who are deeply depressed and who have been in abusive & narcissistic relationships. I have a deep understanding of love and it's many layers.

Maxine Clancy

Mother of two gorgeous teenagers, absolutely love vinyassa yoga, art, mediation, walking my dog, my family & my man, living by the river in Barnes. I'm super passionate about spirit and living a conscious and purposeful life.

I originally trained as a psychotherapist in '96 and I am a certified relationship coach. I have studied with many of the greats in personal development. I love people and what makes them tick and more than anything I love it when my clients have a transformation in their love relationships, with themselves and others.  

"Love is the great miracle cure" ~ Gabby Bernstein said that recently and it's something I have known ever since my second divorce. The power of love resides within us, not outside of us and that is where great healing happens.

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