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Is Divorce Stress Getting The Better of You?
​Feelings aren't bad or wrong! They're an indicator of what's going on internally and what you need to move towards[...]
The Benefits Of An Emotional Power Practice
Emotional confidence and power is the foundation of healthy self-esteem and Happy Healthy Love.When you don't have emotional power or[...]
Co-Creating The Divorce You Want In A Loving Way
Co-Creating The Divorce You Want In A Loving Way​Thriving After Divorce Radio Podcast With Tanya-Marie Dube.I was so excited to[...]
Stop Negotiating Your Divorce With Your Prostitute Archetype
Is Your Prostitute Archetype Negotiating Your Divorce? ​ Relationship problems are energy problems. Imagine if we were taught that at[...]
Is it Time To Spring Clean Your Relationship
​Is It Time To Spring Clean Your Relationship? Spring has finally arrived and it may be an ideal time to[...]
Transforming Divorce Stress
OMG!!! Divorce is not only painful but stressful too! Today I am sharing one of the easiest tips I know[...]